4 Common Lies You Will Often Hear in the Timeshare Industry

Some industries have a certain amount of notoriety when it comes to bending the truth. The timeshare industry is right up there when claims are often more fiction than fact.

There are all sorts of timeshare scams around. Sellers can often end up getting very frustrated when trying to get some honesty and straight-talking when trying to extricate themselves from an agreement.

It often pays to keep up to date with timeshare news and updates. Especially if you are impacted by an experience or ongoing problem you have with a timeshare.

There are some mistruths that tend to get used more regularly than others. Let’s take a look at some of the most common lies used in the timeshare industry.

The true level of affordability is rarely revealed

It stands to reason that a timeshare salesperson is going to sell the benefits of a deal. They will make the scenario more affordable than it actually is.

In particular, they might claim that affordable travel options are readily available. This makes it sound as though you can jet off to your timeshare as often as you want. And, without it costing you very much to get there.

They may also be economical with the truth when it comes to stating the true cost of ownership. The level of fees and regular financial commitments that are part of the timeshare contract are often understated, or not revealed at all, until it is too late and the document has been signed.

Timeshare contract

The promise that you will make a good return on your investment

A timeshare deal might often be sold to a potential customer as a unique investment opportunity where you can enjoy all the benefits of ownership and even make a decent return on your money.

The reality is often different. Some timeshares have no resale value at all. Others might be sold for a lot less than you paid. You should always be dubious of claims that your timeshare deal is a genuine investment opportunity.

Your timeshare booking will be prioritized

Another popular lie that is often perpetuated when trying to get you signed up for a timeshare option is to say that you will always get priority when it comes to booking and availability of popular slots.

The idea of getting to use your timeshare for weeks that suit you is often what persuades people to sign. The reality is often different, but it’s too late once you have signed.

Woman on a balcony of a timeshare property

Selling you the idea of a family legacy

The idea of treating extended family members will always be an emotive draw that could entice you to sign a timeshare contract.

What you could end up doing is passing down a burden of debt where regular fees such as maintenance charges have to be paid because the terms of the contract leave your estate on the hook.

All of these claims can easily blindside you. That’s why you need to read the small print and the terms of the timeshare contract with extreme diligence and caution.

If you have already fallen for one or two of these lies you can talk to a company that knows the best way of helping you to cut your ties and exit the agreement with the least amount of financial damage possible.

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