Seven Top Time Management Tips For Your Homestead

You probably already know this, but homesteading can be really hard at times. There is just so much that you need to get done every single day, including cooking, cleaning, feeding, gardening, and sometimes a job too. There never seems like there are enough hours in the day. You might think that this gets easier to cope with the longer you stick with it, but, I’m afraid, it really doesn’t. Well, not unless you make some changes, that is. Although you probably won’t ever feel completely organized, there are a few time management tips that can help you manage your homestead better and make your life a little easier. Keep reading for some great time management tips.

Seven Top Time Management Tips For Your Homestead

Make Lots Of Plans

Never go into a day not knowing what you need to get done. You just won’t get everything done. Instead, make sure you write down short-term and long-term plans so that you always know what jobs you need to be completed. Write to-do lists every single day. Be painfully specific about the things that need to be done. If there’s anything that needs to be done on a certain day in the future, write it on a calendar, so you don’t forget it.

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Prioritize Tasks

Unfortunately, as much as you plan, things are going to pop in your head throughout the day that you also need to complete. For example, you might be feeding the animals, and then suddenly remember that there’s washing up to do. In these moments, you need to take a step back and figure out what is important. Put the other things on your to-do list for later. Prioritizing is an important time management tip.

Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations

The downside of planning is that you can sometimes over plan. And you will put way too much stuff on your plate. You might have worked out the timings and think that you’ll be able to get ten things done in five hours. But have you considered rests, eating, drinking, and bathroom breaks? You have to be realistic when planning your day and only plan to do things you can actually get done.

Wake Up Earlier

If you’re already waking up at the crack of dawn, then you can feel free to forget this one. But if you like a lie-in, then this is the tip for you. Getting up early isn’t fun, but getting a few jobs completed before your children wake up can help the day to run a lot smoother. Even just an extra thirty minutes can make a huge difference to your day. So don’t forget to set your alarm.

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Ask For Help

You may be a strong, independent homesteader. But even you are going to need help at some point. If there is an emergency, such as with your plumbing, don’t try to fix it yourself, as you’ll probably make it worse. Instead, save time by calling a professional, like ABC Home & Commercial. Similarly, if you’ve got more work to complete than normal, such as throughout spring, it might be sensible to hire someone to help you out for a few weeks.

Avoid Multitasking for Better Time Management

In my opinion, multitasking is the nemesis of productivity. You may think that you’re a great multitasker, but all you are actually great at is doing two jobs slowly, and probably really bad. If you want to get jobs done quickly and properly, you need to give them all your full attention. Complete them one at a time. Anything but complete focus and concentration will likely result in things being forgotten or mistakes being made.

Learn To Walk Away

If you are struggling to find the solution to a problem, sometimes the best thing that you can do is walk away. Leave it for a while, and do something else. This problem might be incredibly important. You standing around staring at it isn’t going to make the solution miraculously pop into your head. All it’s doing is wasting time.

You also need to know when it’s time for you to have a break. You may have one million and one things that need doing today, but if you’re exhausted, they’re not going to get done quickly or properly. So walk away for a while.

These 7 Top Time Management Tips are necessary for your homestead to run smooth!

Managing a homestead can be incredibly difficult at times. Some proper planning and time management can make it a little bit easier. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for managing your time and your homestead. So try out a few of the time management tips above and see which ones work out for you.

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