Awesome Things We Did As A Kid That Are Now Lost

As a kid, we had no worries or stress. While both earning money and making a living are important and good, we lost the ability to have fun and play just for the sake of it. It now seems to be a foreign concept to us.

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Awesome Things We Did As A Kid That Are Now Lost



  1. Taking risks like a kid


Growing up entailed trying out a lot of new things like learning how to swim, ride a bike, play ball, and other similarly-challenging stuff.


We learned new and exciting things by taking risks. When we became adults the need to take risks decreased, and we became more calculating, always going for what’s safe. Do not be afraid to explore and take risks again. These things challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and grow.


A kid swimming


  1. Reading books


Reading is just not the same if you can’t feel the texture and smell the scent of paper. While digital devices and the internet have made information and entertainment easily accessible to us, there’s nothing like holding a good paperback or hardbound book in your hands.


kids reading


  1. Spending uninterrupted time with family


Back in the day, way before the internet and social media, families were able to spend a great time together without any interruptions. Meals together were longer and much more interactive. Families would spend weekends together playing or just hanging out.


Nowadays, the modern American family is living in a rushed, stressful, and exhausting period where the constant barrage of interruptions affect quality time with the family. Take time to be with family and bring back uninterrupted quality time with them.



  1. Playing under the sun


Remember all those afternoons spent at the park going up and down the different play equipment in Perth? Or those times where you and your friends played ball in the vacant lot next door during weekends? What about those days when you would ride your bike around the neighborhood after classes?


Those were some of the fondest memories most adults hold dear. Maybe it’s time to get outdoors again so you feel alive and refreshed as you dis as a kid.


Playing ball


  1. Letting your imagination run wild


Back when you were a kid, when handheld devices weren’t a thing, boredom was never an issue. You always found something interesting to do to keep you occupied.


You would pick up a pen and paper and start doodling or drawing. Or you would go to your backyard and pretend you were an explorer or hunter and look for interesting things. Even your playtime encouraged the use of your imagination and creativity.


Drawing and painting


  1. Journaling and writing letters


Journaling and writing letters were a big thing back in the day. A lot of adults now would admit to keeping a journal as kids but eventually stopped as they grew up. Similarly, writing letters and notes helped maintain great relationships between people. Both journaling and writing are intimate acts that help you connect with yourself and with others.


  1. Playtime as kid 


Remember when you were a kid and you used to build stuff up with Legos only to tear them down so you can build something entirely new again? Or those times that you would set up your dollhouse only to have some G.I. Joes “shoot and destroy” everything in it?


Pure joy. Take time to play every now and then. Let the child in you get some serious playtime. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself for it.


Kid playing legos


Final Thoughts on Being a Kid…


Being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean we have to give up some of the fun things we used to do as a kid. Some of them might even be beneficial to us which preserves our sanity and keeps us grounded and connected. It’s time to rediscover some of them and start putting them into practice again.

Adulting has made us forget some of the best things we used to have. It’s time we revisited these things and bring them back to our routines.





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