The Top Pieces For The Living Room

The living room is the hub of the home. This is the space where the whole family comes together, guests are welcomed, and in many cases, meals are shared. 

In most homes across the country, the living room is the biggest space in the house which means it is ideal for hosting the whole family. 

At the end of the day, this is the room where the whole family gathers to share stories, discuss their days, and bond over endless cups of tea. With this in mind, you want to have a comfortable family hub that suits these needs and welcomes all members of the family at any time of the day.

However, for most of us, it is anything but. As the whole family gathers here regularly, it can become cluttered and unorganized quickly, meaning you may find yourself wanting to avoid the space as much as possible.

In this guide, we are sharing some of the ways you can improve your living room and what this space is missing to make it a comfortable family hub once more.

The living room of modern house

What’s Wrong With My Living Room?

As we have mentioned, the living room is the hub of most family homes, and it should be able to accommodate everyone at all times.

It is the space where the family gathers together and spends some quality time. Whether that is being curled up on the sofa watching the latest drama on TV or sharing stories over cups of tea, it is a space for everyone.

When you are thinking about redesigning your living room, you want to consider this purpose and what brings people together in the first place. It should be comfortable and welcoming, meaning a lot of soft furnishing will be present here.

Redesigning your living room is easy to do when you focus on the purpose of the room and what it is currently lacking.

If you do not feel comfortable in your current living room, consider why this is. 

Does it have a cluttered, disorganized feel? Is there enough seating to support all members of the family? What do you do for entertainment, and is this supported here?

Luckily, there is no shortage of living room furniture available, and this can be used to redesign your space to make it better. From storage solutions to sofas, there is something for everyone available, and you can create a whole new room simply by changing the furniture you have.

Modern living room with loveseats

Key Living Room Pieces For Every Home

In terms of the living room, there are some key pieces that all homes can benefit from to ensure this is a comfortable and welcoming family space. 

If you do not know where to start, consider the following key pieces and whether your current ones are fit for purpose:


When it comes to the living room, there are usually two types of seating homeowners should focus on. Sofas are the largest item in the living room, and they should accommodate several members of the family at once.

If you have additional space and want to have more options for your guests, comfortable seating is another essential that you should consider.

Both of these furniture pieces are soft furnishings and can come in a range of styles to suit your needs. Seating in the living room should be comfortable, durable, and welcoming to ensure your living room remains the hub of the home for all the family.

Small wooden seating

Storage Cabinets and Sideboards

One of the biggest issues most homes deal with when it comes to the living room is clutter. 

As this is a shared space, there are a lot of items that find their home in the living room, and it can be difficult keeping things organized. When there is a lack of storage solutions and cabinets, you can find that your space becomes cluttered, and this does not make it feel relaxing.

This is why cabinets and sideboards are a great options. It is possible to display some of your best pieces in a display cabinet, for example, while also keeping the essentials on hand with closed cupboards and drawers.

You can even find great TV cabinets that can keep all of your tech enclosed and safe without ruining the appearance of your living room. No matter what style you are going for, there are storage solutions out there to suit all needs.

To ensure everyone is comfortable, they want to have access to their items, but this does not mean the place has to become messy and cluttered. 

Living room furniture like cabinets can prevent clutter while also keeping the space fit for purpose.

Living room storage

Coffee Tables

The British home would be nothing without a kettle constantly on the boil and family meetings over cups of tea.

Whether you are spending time alone, with family, or have guests, most of the interactions will take place in the living room, so you need somewhere to keep your tea.

Coffee tables are a staple for any living space, but especially the British living room, where endless cups of tea and coffee are drunk daily. This gives you not only a focal point to the room, but coffee tables also serve a valuable purpose and will allow you to maintain an organized space no matter who is present.

Coffee table


The living room is the hub of the home, and furniture makes it so.

With soft furnishings, comfortable seating, and storage solutions to keep the room organized, the living room is a wonderful space to spend quality time with loved ones.

Investing in new pieces for your living room can make it more organized and welcoming, ensuring you are getting the best use out of this space every day. With various styles and options available, there is something to suit every home available online right now.

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