Easy and Fun Thanksgiving Decorating Tips You Need To Try

It’s the biggest holiday time of the year and the decorating has begun. Don’t think you only have to decorate for Christmas! Thanksgiving is a perfect time to decorate the interior as well as the exterior of your home. Try some of these easy and fun decorating tips in your home this holiday season. Your home will look fabulous and your guests will love you.

Thanksgiving decorating tips for the home include a cute basket and flowers and gourds.

Easy and Fun Thanksgiving Decorating Tips You Need To Try

Decorating for Thanksgiving

Holiday decorating isn’t just for Christmas anymore! Door wreaths welcome all to your home and can really set the stage for celebrating.

Here are some fun and easy decorating tips to cozy up your home for Thanksgiving.

Exterior Decorating tips

  • Make a simple wreath to hang on your front door. Use Thanksgiving colors–brown, russet, olive green. Use tree branches from your garden; attach a few gourds, nuts, and ribbons. Wreaths make a guest feel welcome so do it up!
  • Place a gorgeous mum or two by your front door. You can even plant it later.  It just takes one bright spot near your front door to attract the eye of arriving guests. The colors are very warming to the appearance of your entryway!
  • Place a garland or candle holder near the front door for additional pizazz. 
  • Make a “welcome to our home” banner. Add your ribbons and fall leaves. Burlap makes a nice banner and you can purchase fabric paint to write on it for a more personalized feel.
  • Group vines, pumpkins, and mums for display impact near the front entrance. Adjust the vines to add height and movement. Also, try things like an old wagon or wheelbarrow near the entrance with pumpkins or straw bales.
  • Fall Leaves make great interior and exterior decorations. Be sure to hose off any bugs!
Front yard decorated for Thanksgiving holiday.

Interior Decorating Tips

  • Tie ribbons around your candle bases and around your floral arrangements. Ribbons always make the bases of candles look prettier and the selection of ribbon colors and style is endless.
  • Set fall-color leaves under your decorations. Safety Tip: Keep leaves separated from melting candle wax.
  • Extend your flower arrangements with fall tree branches. Adding different shaped branches and twigs to floral displays makes them appear fuller too.
  • Use copper, bronze, and gold spray paint to dress up plain gourds. Fill a glass or crystal bowl with the gourds, oranges, and nuts. These make great table centerpieces.
  • Display vegetables and mini pumpkins on a tray. Fill in any gaps with fall leaves, moss, straw, or wheat.
  • Did I already say leaves? Here’s another way to add fall color: Place the leaves in your green potted-plants.
Table decoration of cornucopia

Bonus Tip:

One beautiful way to kick off your holiday season: Wrap tiny gifts in gold foil; top off with brown and russet ribbons, and place the gifts on the dinner plate. Your table will look fabulous and your guests will love the thought.

These simple, yet fun decorating tips can make your home appear cozy and welcoming for the Thanksgiving holiday and the family will adore the look of your newly decorated home too! Do you have other fun ideas to share when it comes to decorating ideas for your home? Share them below!


  1. How can I decorate my office for Thanksgiving?What should I bring to an office Thanksgiving party?

    1. Author

      Flowers and pumpkins make great decorations and bring Pumpkin Pies or cookies!

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