Overlooked Tasks When Selling Your Home

There’s a lot to consider when selling your home – so much so that many people end up forgetting vital tasks. Below are some of the tasks when selling your home that you mustn’t overlook 

Family in front of their house for sale

Improving curb appeal

Many of us focus on improving the inside of our homes when preparing to sell – however the outside of your home can be just as important to consider. Buyers will build first impressions based on what your exterior looks like.

If the front of your home is dull or in disrepair, it could put some buyers off, regardless of what the interior looks like. Upgrades to your home’s exterior can also add a lot of value.

If you’re not happy with the current price tag of your home, this could be something to consider. Check out this article for some great curb appeal ideas.

Creating an attractive exterior is known as creating ‘curb appeal’. There are a few ways in which you can create curb appeal including adding flowers, fixing up your driveway, cleaning windows, repainting your facade, repairing the roof, replacing your front door and adding lighting. If you have a tight budget, try to prioritize the most important improvements (i.e. the upgrades that will be the most noticeable or that will add the most value). There are some home improvement jobs that you may be able to do yourself, however you should hire professionals for tasks that could be dangerous or disastrous if they go wrong like repairing the roof.

Curb appeal

Decluttering your home

Moving home is the perfect opportunity to declutter, and yet many people don’t give themselves enough time to do this. Decluttering can have several advantages. It can firstly reduce the amount of possessions you need to bring, which can reduce the overall moving cost. Decluttering can also help to make your home look more presentable when staging your home for viewings. Finally, getting rid of clutter could be a chance to make some money to put towards your move – there could be items that you can sell to earn some extra cash.

Start decluttering early as soon as you make the decision to move. Make it your mission to take on the biggest clutter zones such as the attic or garage early – you could even pack as you declutter if you’re unlikely to use these items before you move. Check out this guide to decluttering your home for a few useful tips. 

Decluttered home

Cleaning as you leave

Your home shouldn’t just be empty of all your stuff when you move out, but also clean for the next owners. Some people forget to make time for cleaning, which can upset buyers when they move in. Make sure to make time for cleaning including vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows and wiping down dirtywalls.

Hiring a house cleaning service could take the pressure off of you while moving, and could ensure that the house is cleaned to a high standard. It is an extra expense to budget for, but you could find that it makes life a lot easier for you when moving out.

Woman cleaning floors

Booking time off work

Unless you’re able to carry out your entire move over a single weekend, you’ll likely need to book some time off to move. If your employer requires you to book time off  a certain period in advance, make sure that you have done so before it is too late. 

Setting a moving date early can help you to request your absence in good time. On top of booking time off for the move, consider whether you need to book time off to pack or unpack.

Notifying bill providers and banks

Your bill providers should be notified before you move – you don’t want to end up having to pay bills for the next owners because you forgot to notify them that you’d moved out! This could include energy bills, water bills and home insurance.

Make sure to also notify your bank. Having the wrong address attached to your account could harm your credit score in the future. It could also be important if your bank needs to send out sensitive information like statements or new cards.

There are a few other services and organizations that could be worth notifying such as auto insurance companies and your local electoral roll if you plan to vote in future elections. You may also have to apply for a new driver’s license. 

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