Taking Care of Your Home: Top to Bottom

Your house is probably the most expensive and valuable purchase you’ll make in your life, so you will want to take care of it from top to bottom. Not only does it cost a whole lot of money, but it’ll also prove to be a space you call home. You’ll make all sorts of memories within it and it will provide a safe space for you to retire to at the end of each day. 

It’s not all too surprising that the majority of us want to keep our properties in the best condition possible! We want somewhere comfortable to live in and we want it to maintain its value in case we decide to move or sell up going forward.

Two areas that are often neglected when it comes to home maintenance are roofs and foundations. These two aspects of any building are pretty major – they literally provide shelter (or “the roof over your head”) and support the whole building. Here are a few ways you can keep on top of both.

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Taking Care of Your Home

Care of Your Home: Roofing

Many of us won’t find ourselves facing problems with our roofing for a long time. Newly fitted roofs tend to be high quality and can face years of wear and tear before problems arise.

But if you’ve moved into an older property, you may notice a few problems. Here are a few that you might have to call a roofing company out to fix!


Leaky roofs are a major problem. They can stem from a variety of problems, such as; the deterioration or damage of whatever material has been used for your roof.

Badly designed shallow slopes cause excessive water build-up from the rain, poor sealant being put in place on vents, or even a buildup of debris in roof guttering. Regardless of the cause of your leak, it will need to be fixed quickly.

While you may not notice immediate damage to the rooms you spend time in, a leak can damage your attic space and can result in further problems with electricity. That’s before we talk about how water damage can create structural damage, rot, and mold.

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Lost or Broken Tiles

Shingles for roofs need to be nailed into very specific spots. If your roof has been fitted by someone who doesn’t have much experience, you may find that shingles become loose and fell off, or tiles have simply broken.

Other problems can also result in tiles slipping away or out of the place they used to be, such as kids throwing balls, birds dropping rocks, or the weight and pressure of heavy wind or snow.

If any of your tiles are damaged, it’s important you have them replaced as quickly as possible. Not only will this prevent leaks from starting out, but it can also prevent accidents that may occur when tiles do come loose and fall to the ground.

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If you have a thatched roof, you’ll quickly notice that your roof will attract a lot of wildlife. This is completely understandable. Animals have homes of their own to make. The thatch on thatched roofs is the perfect building material for nests.

Many animals will try to get their paws and beaks on it to create their own comfortable living spaces. But if you let every animal take what they like, you’ll quickly find yourself with no roof left.

A simple way to combat this problem is to call out specialists in thatched roofing to fit a net. This will stop animals from taking the thatch and often, isn’t all too visible from down on the ground.

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Care of Your Home: Foundation

The foundation of your home is quite literally what keeps your home upright and standing. Unsurprisingly, you’re going to have to look after them. Generally speaking, most people won’t experience foundation damage. But if you do, anything as small as a crack in your foundations can require a whole lot of work to put right.

Of course, it’s best to tackle foundation problems head-on. It may be inconvenient. But it will prevent a more extensive and more serious job from having to be carried out down the line.

Telltale signs of foundation damage can lie in water damage or water penetration in basement spaces and crawl spaces, cracks in basement drywall, door frames in the main body of your home becoming crooked or shifting out of place, or even floors in your home becoming uneven.

If you notice any problems, reach out to house foundation repair companies. They will be able to conduct a survey and put any wrongs to rights.


Final Thoughts on Taking Care of Your Home…

Sure, roofing and foundations may not be the most fun of home maintenance or development subjects. But they’re essential. Take the time to take care of your home from top to bottom. Hopefully, the above information will help you to keep on top of yours!

Use these quick tips to learn how to take care of your home from the foundation to the roof.

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