How to Take Care of the Trees in your Garden

Do you feel as though the trees in your garden have seen better days? If so then this guide of how to take care of the trees in your garden is for you. Here you will find out how you could improve the health of the nature around you. Then you can keep your garden thriving for years to come.

Large oak trees

Back Off

One thing to take note of is that trees tend to be able to take care of themselves. You will often see trees that are centuries old in the countryside. They can fend for themselves without a lot of fussing or pruning.

If you do suspect that a tree in your garden, or on your land is in need of attention then look into local tree service companies. See if they can pinpoint the issue. 

Watch where you are Digging

Construction is a major killer of mature trees. If you are doing work around your home then you may not think that you are in any way going to damage the trees in your garden. But unfortunately, it can happen. One thing that you can do to help yourself would be for you to take note of where the tree roots might be. Then you can actively avoid them.

Digging with a machine

Don’t Park Under Trees

Another thing you have to do is make sure that you do not park under any trees. Over the years, soil can become compressed if the foundation is not set properly. This can slowly kill the tree, especially if it is young. If you want to do something about this then avoid parking under any trees unless you have a driveway that protects the soil underneath.

Whack Carefully

Weed whackers are great, but the issue with them is that they can be dangerous to trees. They can nick the bark and this weakens the tree quite a lot. If you want to stop this from happening then stay away from any trees when using them, and take extra care when dealing with weeds at the base of your tree.

Weed whacking

Don’t Overwater

Another thing you need to do is make sure that you do not overwater your trees. Over fertilizing is also a major concern. A mature tree doesn’t need any treatment at all. In fact, it’s possible for large trees to become damaged if you add fertilizer. If you have a lot of plants in the garden then add mulch and fertilizer to them, but keep a good distance away from your bigger trees. Smaller trees, on the other hand, may experience a small benefit from a light layer of fresh soil.

Know your Diseases

Sure, your trees don’t need a lot from you, but it’s wise for you to keep a watchful eye on them if you can. A lot of diseases are very specific to certain trees, so if you know what you are working with then this should help you to avoid some of the top issues you may experience. Hiring a tree service is also a great way for you to stop disease, as they can help you to pinpoint any early signs before the structure and integrity of the tree becomes compromised.

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