mosquito plant

Have you heard of the Mosquito plant? I picked one up from Home Depot the other day for about 8 dollars, I had never heard of this plant but living in Florida in what seems like mosquito headquarters I figured I would try it out. I am always looking forContinue Reading

natural pest control

Pest control…2 words that are part of your everyday vocabulary if you live in Florida. Insects are everywhere here and if you are not keeping a watchful eye out they can take over quickly. Using natural pest control can eliminate those pests without harming humans, animals, and the environment. WeContinue Reading


Pests are any creature that causes inconvenience to us or causes damage to our bodies or homes. Pests come in many different forms and can be an irritating burden we have to bear during our lives as homeowners. However, now that the spring is finally here, it is time toContinue Reading