Sustainable Living – An Eco-Friendly Solution

More and more Australians are turning away from cities, preferring instead to live in a natural setting and who could blame them? All cities are polluted to some degree and that doesn’t look like it is going to change just yet. Thus, sustainable living is becoming a popular choice for homeowners.

We are trying hard to move from fossil-fuel generated power to clean and renewable energy sources such as sun and wind, but we have a way to go before we can shut down fossil-fuel-burning power stations.

Small farm

Investing in a small farm

Some eco-friendly entrepreneurs sell their urban real estate and invest in a small plot of agricultural land with the aim of setting up an organic farm. If you sold your Sydney home, you could probably finance such a project.

And while it is a big move, it brings with it a natural lifestyle. Farming is hard work. However, with the hard work comes a lot of satisfaction. Therefore, stress suddenly becomes a thing of the past.

Planning the project

Rather than acquiring a ready-made farm, you can make use of and contour the land to suit your needs. If you are also building a house on the land, think about placement and plan where your greenhouses and barns will sit. 

excavating the land

Write a business plan

As this will be a business that will support you and your family, you need to create a business plan. This is a document that covers every aspect of the organization. Here are a few essentials for homesteading.

A comprehensive business plan consists of:

  • An overview of the organization – Detailing the organization’s mission and value statements.
  • Startup costs – A detailed list.
  • Assets – Listing all business assets.
  • Organizational flowchart – Showing who does what within the organization.
  • Marketing & sales – Clearly show how you intend to reach your target audience, with a dynamic digital marketing plan.
  • Licensing/permits – Details of all standards required in order to operate.
  • Yearly forecasts – Your plan should include forecasts for at least the first 3 years while showing profit figures on a quarterly basis.

Solar energy

Rather than connecting to the national power grid, invest in a cutting-edge solar power system that gives you energy independence. Prices are coming down and the Australian government offers financial support for home and business owners that use clean and renewable energy.

Calculate the amount of power you will need and talk to an established solar panel supplier. They can design a system that will provide you with all the energy you need. This is a large part of sustainable living.

Solar panels on the land

Digital marketing

It might take up to a year before your farm is set up to grow organic produce. Prior to that, you need to hire a digital marketing agency, and set up a website where customers can order your full range of produce.

You have to set up a logistics system, which you could handle in-house or outsource to a 3PL warehouse. They would collect the produce every day and deliver it to your customers, regardless of their location.

If you are not happy living in the city, sit back and think about how you could make a life-changing decision to set up a small organic farm in a rural area. Sustainable living may be the best route you can take going into the future.

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