Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas

As homesteaders, we are constantly looking out for more ways to improve our eco-friendliness and self-reliance. When it comes to home improvement, this can often be a challenge.

After all, most jobs require a professional, and a lot of the materials that are used are toxic and damaging to the environment, which goes against everything we believe in. So, how can you improve your home in a sustainable manner?

Read on to discover some suggestions for sustainable home improvement ideas.

sustainable home improvement ideas


Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas

Re-think the way you heat your home

Let’s face it; no one likes living in a cold home! The temperature of your property will determine how comfortable it is. So heating is something you need to consider carefully.

There are many different options that are available to you, yet you should most definitely look into using Virginia propane and oil heat. Why? Well, propane is a non-toxic and colorless gas. It is a naturally occurring gas. A lesser amount of it is generated from crude oil refinement when compared with the other popular heating oils.

In fact, this is a gas that has been on the Clean Air Act’s list of approved clean fuels for more than 18 years now. It is known to lower emissions of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and greenhouse gases, especially when you compare it to gasoline.

Not only this, but propane is highly affordable too because of the abundance of supply that is available.

sustainable home improvement ideas

Invest in solar panels

Another sustainable home improvement idea that you should consider for your home is solar panels. Solar panels have come a long way since they were first introduced around 50 years ago.

Once your solar panels have been installed, your energy bills will drop dramatically. You will be much less reliant on non-renewable resources, ensuring you create the right path on the road to sustainable living.

If that was not enough, there are also tax breaks available for those who have solar panels installed at their home. At the time of writing, you can receive a federal tax credit of up to 30 percent of your total cost of solar panel installation.

Make sure you explore this further before proceeding so you can determine exactly what you are going to be entitled to.

sustainable home improvement

Switch your doors

One part of your home that you should give some attention to is your exterior doors. There are a number of reasons why this is the case.

We often tend to overlook just how pivotal our choice of front door is. After all, this is likely to be the first thing that people see when they arrive at your home. It sets the tone for the rest of the house.

You want to make sure that you give off a good impression. This is why your exterior doors are often a good place to start when you are looking to give your home a boost in appearance.

Not only this but at the moment, your doors could be responsible for heat loss. This means you are going to be relying on non-renewable energy sources to heat and cool your home throughout the various seasons.

These systems are going to be working harder than they need to because your doors let the heat out during the winter. They don’t let any cool air in during the summer.

Luckily, you can easily choose an energy efficient door to replace your existing one. These doors are made from improved materials.

While your at it why not try a Centor retractable screen for your patio. This will allow you to improve your homes airflow and enjoy clean, fresh air without worrying about pests and other environmental elements. 

They fit tighter to the frame, and they have multi-paned glass. If you have a patio, you may want to look into replacing your patio doors too.

sustainable home improvement ideas

Non-toxic carpets

If you asked someone to name an energy efficient and sustainable home improvement suggestion, it is unlikely that changing the carpets is something that they would come up with. However, there are actually many reasons why this is a good idea.

A new carpet can reduce the noise around your home. And can make your property much more comfortable. After all, there is nothing better than sinking your feet into the carpet after a busy day on the farm is there?

A quality carpet can also help to maintain the air temperature in your home. This means it is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Make sure you look for a non-toxic carpet, though.

Just like that new vehicle smell, a new carpet can give off fumes. And it probably does not come as a surprise that these fumes are not good for your health. They are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

They come from latex that binds the carpet fibers to the backing. What is worse is that it can take weeks and weeks for these fumes to go away. This means you and your family are going to be breathing these fumes in throughout this time period.

If you choose a non-toxic carpet instead, this is something you will not need to worry about.

sustainable home improvement ideas

So there you have it: some of the best sustainable home improvement ideas. Hopefully, you have found something that appeals to you.

There are many ways you can make your home look nicer and feel more comfortable. And you can do it without impacting the environment or relying on resources that are not renewable. Start with the suggestions that have been provided.

You are bound to find that more and more ideas come to you as you continue your quest to be a sustainable DIYer.

Have you done any changes to your home by using sustainable home improvement ideas? Share your experiences in the comment box below.

Try these 3 sustainable home improvement ideas on your homestead.

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