How To Survive Christmas With The Family

Unlike last year, 2021 looks to be one we can spend with our nearest and dearest. Although, this brings its own challenges. Keep reading to find out how to survive Christmas this festive season. 

Ask Everyone to Pitch In 

When you are stuck in the hot and steamy kitchen and everyone else is kicking back, watching TV, and generally relaxing over the festive period, it’s so easy to become resentful! That is why it’s best to get everyone to help where possible, and even the load. 

Of course, if you don’t want great Aunt Maud in your kitchen ( where she is in the prime position to critique your cooking style, decor choices, and just about anything else) you can ask people to bring pre-made dishes.

Then all you need to do is fix your offering and warm everything else up. This is especially helpful for those big family meals like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It means you won’t have to get up at dawn to begin the prep. 

Alternatively, there is no shame in buying prepared items. You can get turkey and all the trimmings in foil trays all ready to go. This means all you need to do is turn on the oven and that’s it. Thereby leaving you free to enjoy your time with your guests and allowing you to survive Christmas better. 

Kids helping make cookies for Christmas

Give Everyone Some Space 

One of the biggest contributing factors, when it comes to arguments and stress over the holiday season, is when everyone is crammed together in the same space with no hope of respite.

With that in mind, before you invite houseguests to stay for the festive seasons it’s a good idea to check you have enough room to not just house them, but do it comfortably. 

What this means is, that for anyone staying over a night or two at the max you will want a dedicated guest bedroom with an ensuite.

Where possible try and locate your guest rooms as far away from your own bedroom as possible. This way, if you do need to let off some steam you can do so in privacy. 

Of course, not everyone has the room inside their property for these types of guest quarters. Although there are other options to consider as well, including investing in accommodation like the Garden Suite. It will provide spacious and separate housing for guests for years to come! Just imagine getting to say goodbye to your house guests at the end of each day, as they leave your house for the night! 

A Father holding up a little girl so she can top the Christmas tree.

Focus on Activities 

Finally, to survive Christmas with all your relationships intact, it’s vital that you provide plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. Indeed, the great thing about such activities is that they can be Christmas-themed like a snowy walk, or festive challenges. Something that helps to add to the overall atmosphere. 

Also having plenty of activities organized throughout the day means that you will have destruction if anyone starts acting up and being mean or talking about politics. All you need to do is announce the next activity and the situation is defused! 

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  1. Those are some helpful tips, thanks.

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