10 Reasons To Take A Wilderness Survival Course

With all that’s happening in our world — from an unstable economy and political upheaval to natural disasters — you may have asked yourself, “Should I take a wilderness survival course?” While courses like this aren’t for everyone, knowing how to survive in trying times is a must. Here are 10 good reasons to take a wilderness survival course.


10 Reasons To Take A Wilderness Survival Course



  • Reconnect with Nature

When you lose your connection with nature, you lose your ability to adapt to it. A wilderness survival course forces you out of that divot you’ve worn into your side of the couch and thrusts you into the wild, where you’ll be reminded that — had this been an emergency — you’d have no idea where to start when it comes to survival.

On top of the fact that you’re given a not-so-gentle reminder that survival isn’t easy. You’ll have the opportunity to disconnect from the things that bring stress to your daily life. No cell phones, no television, and no email to check or calls to return. Just you and a group of like-minded people spending time out in the desert, woods or wherever your class takes you.



  • Become More Independent

You may think of yourself as pretty independent, but all that goes out the window when you find yourself sans cell phone. When you can’t call anyone for help, you’re forced to help yourself. A good survival course will teach you how to keep your cool in a variety of dangerous situations, fostering newfound confidence and independence you didn’t realize you were missing.



  • Challenge Yourself

Learning how to survive in the wild isn’t easy. It’s a personal challenge that will force you into growth. Do you lack patience in your everyday life? Try building a fire with nothing but wet sticks and flint stone. After hours of huddling in the drizzling rain and getting that kindling to spark, you’ll not only discover a new sense of accomplishment and confidence, but you’ll go home armed with a better understanding of who you are and what you’re capable of.

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  • Better Yourself

Wilderness survival courses are time-consuming and can cost a bundle, but what you get in return isn’t just survival skills. It will help you operate at a higher level. Consider the cost an investment in becoming a better person, as well as learning new skills that can save your life.



  • Learn How to Protect Your Family

Do you know how to use a tactical knife? Would you know how to wield a survival weapon if you found yourself in the woods with your family and you had to hunt for food? A wilderness course can teach you these types of basics, which can mean the difference between life or death.

Always remember, if things become dire, your family will look to you for protection and guidance. It’s your responsibility to be prepared. Learning survival skills and techniques isn’t just about expanding your own knowledge base or keeping yourself occupied over a long weekend. It’s about knowing what to do in difficult situations, protecting your loved ones and providing for them when nobody else can.

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  • Taste the Thrill of Experience

Survival courses are serious business, but they’re also seriously fun. If you’ve been looking for an out-of-the-box experience, a survival course can offer one of the most unique adventures of your life. Whether you decide to take a class on your own, with your family or with friends, you’ll meet a whole group of new and interesting people. Who knows, you may make a few new like-minded friends. And when it comes to survival, you can never have enough friends who are as prepared as you are.



  • Face an Unknown Future

Our world isn’t what it used to be. Between political tension, terrorism and a weak global economy, there’s a real sense that something big is heading our way. Once it gets here, it will be those who are prepared that will be best equipped to survive.

We’re not necessarily talking about an apocalyptic event, either. Something as simple as oil reserves running low and gasoline being unavailable can send our modern society into a tailspin of panic. And while a survivalist course isn’t going to teach you how to tap into the earth’s crust and siphon out black gold, it will teach you how to keep your head on your shoulders and think straight in high-pressure situations.

Skills as basic as hunting and gathering, building a fire and creating a shelter can mean a world of difference, whether the threat comes from people or from the weather.



  • Find New Respect for Mother Nature

Speaking of weather, it’s getting crazy. Whether you believe in global warming or not, the weather is getting more severe from year to year. 2017 was the most expensive year for hurricane damage the United States has ever seen. Mother Nature is angry, and it’s a good idea to be prepared if she decides to unleash her fury in your neck of the woods. Be it hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires or floods, a survivalist course will teach you the ins-and-outs of living in difficult times. The skills you’ll learn are indispensable and can mean the difference between surviving a catastrophic natural event or falling victim to it.

hurricane damage


  • Take a Break from Man-Made Stuff

You’re relaxing on an intercontinental flight, heading to the destination of your dreams, when your plane starts to go down. Or the gas line down the street from your house blows, the power grid fails, cell towers go dark and you’re left to your own devices. Or you live on the West Coast and the “big one” finally hits. Bridges collapse. Fires break out. Buildings crumble to their foundations.

There are all kinds of worst-case scenarios you can think up. All of them fit for the next Hollywood natural disaster blockbuster. And while the situation may not be as dire as trying to outrun a volcano, even a relatively simple thing like your city’s water source becoming polluted and unpotable can lead to dire circumstances. When you take a wilderness survival course, you’ll learn how to make it out in the wild. Even if it’s only necessary for a few days.

While a survivalist course isn’t going to teach you how to tap into the earth’s crust and siphon out black gold, it will teach you how to keep your head on your shoulders and think straight in high-pressure situations.


  • Adapt to the New Normal

Disasters, be it human-caused or natural, are becoming more frequent. Those wildfires, hurricanes, and floods are no fairy tale. Catastrophes occur, and people are forced to deal with the aftermath. Take Puerto Rico as a prime example of needing to know how to survive.

Hurricane Maria caused approximately $90 billion in damage — the third costliest hurricane on record. It was the 10th most intense Atlantic hurricane ever seen, with maximum sustained winds of over 175 mph. When it hit the Dominican Islands, it caused a communication blackout. It nearly eradicated all vegetation, razed buildings, caused widespread flooding, and killed over three thousand people.


What would you do if a situation like this hit your town?

If you took a survival course, you’d probably do just that: survive.




  1. I am always searching for ways to broaden my knowledge and skill base. And as you point out, there are always more than one reason to do so. Excellent post, Annie!

    1. Author

      I got to take a course like this a few years back! It was tough but wow did I learn a lot that I may just need down the road!

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