7 Ways a Summer Storm Can Damage Your Home

As summer approaches, the weather is going to get warmer and we are going to want to be outside. With warmer weather, comes summer storms. Summer storms can be strong and they can contain hail, high winds, and lightning. Every year homes all around the world get damaged in a summer storm, but before the storm rolls through, here are some ways your home can get damaged and what steps you can take now, to prevent that. 

Summer storm brewing

Take Down Trees

Summer storms are notorious for knocking down trees. If you have extremely tall trees on your property, you may want to consider taking those trees down. A lot of people like the shade and the aesthetic of the trees, so you may want to simply shorten them. 

Contact a tree removal professional and have them come over for a consultation to let you know what your options are. One downed tree can crush your entire home. 

Inspect Your Roof

Get on a ladder and check out your roof. If there are any loose, broken, or missing tiles, have them replaced immediately by a roofing specialist. A lot of summer storms produce a lot of rain. Some storms can produce one to three inches of water in a short period of time, and if your roof is not up to par, you can get major leaks in your home. 

One leak can create mold, damage walls, and weaken wood that will cost a fortune to replace. 

Man inspecting the roof

Replace Your Siding

Summer storms contain some of the strongest winds you will ever experience. One gust of wind coming from the right direction will lift and tear off weakened pieces of your siding. Even the pieces of siding underneath your gutters are not safe from nature’s powerful winds. 

Contact a company like Smart Exteriors LLC who are experts in siding replacement and repairs. You may not have to replace all of your siding. Experts can determine if there is one weakened area that needs replacement. Missing siding is also a safe haven for animals. You could wake up one morning with a family of squirrels or birds living in your walls.  

Install Shutters or Awnings Over Your Windows

We have all heard the horror stories of hail. It’s raining one minute and the next there are pieces of ice the size of golf balls or oranges falling from the sky. Hailstones can break windows, damage cars, and kill plants and bushes. If it goes with the aesthetic of your home, make sure you have coverings over your windows. 

Several people report each year that they have to replace windows because they get damaged by hail. If you are in a hail-prone area, clean out your garage so that you can park your car undercover if the weather calls for storms.

House siding

Keep Metal To a Minimum

There are so many gorgeous metal statues and furniture that give your yard the perfect touches that make it look elegant. Just keep it to a minimum. Although it is highly unlikely, metal is the perfect conduit for lightning. Although it will be hard for lighting to strike, if it does, it can start a fire.

Place your metal objects away from your home and under cover if you can. In case you are hiding out in your yard undercover during a quick storm, lightning could strike an object in your yard. As long as it is out of harm’s way, you should be okay. 

Have a Generator On Hand

With downed trees and lightning strikes, summer storms can knock the electricity out for a day or two. Don’t be left without any power. Buy a generator, gas it up, and have it on hand and search what to check after a lightning strike in case you need it. Generators will help keep refrigerators going, cell phones charged, and TVs running for important news information. 

A generator can also help your house become a place where neighbors and friends can come to charge their phones in order to make important calls and check on loved ones. 

Generators last for years and are an excellent investment. 


Install a Sump Pump

Sump pumps help pump water out of the ground so that it doesn’t enter your home. Because storms produce so much water so fast, in the blink of an eye, your basement or cellar can start to fill with water damaging hot water heaters, boilers, precious items, and memorabilia. A sump pump is easy to have installed and when there is too much water, the water will never enter your home.

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