10 Ways To Stretch Your Income Further

Don’t you wish you could stretch your income further? When you live on a homestead, it becomes even more important to get a grip on your finances. Thanks to the internet and other technology, it’s become even easier to both save and make money online.

Want to know how you can boost your income? Take a look at these top saving tips and money makers that will help your money to grow.

stretch your income

Savings tips to help your income stretch further

1. Grow your own

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great way to save money on your grocery shopping. Not only is it cheap to grow your own food, but you could also benefit from growing and eating organic products.

When you live in a property with a lot of land, like a homestead, it’s easy to find the space to grow your own fruit and vegetables. However, for people who live in apartments or small properties, you might want to consider getting an allotment or choose fruit and vegetables you can grow in small spaces.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself developing a talent for growing fruit and vegetables – why not try selling them or turn them into products that you can sell at farmers markets or local stores? This is a great way to stretch your income.

stretch your income

2. Haggle with your service providers

Moving to a different provider for your electricity your cable bill and even your phone can be somewhat of a hassle. Most of us choose to stick with our current providers out of convenience, as well as the belief that we’re being a ‘loyal’ customer.

The truth is that many people benefit from being new customers with other providers. From your bank to your internet provider, you could be making money by making a simple switch to a new provider. The threat of moving to a new service can be enough to wake your current provider up and get them to offer you a better deal. It’s worth using a comparison site to see what you could be paying – and use it as leverage with your current provider.

Even if you only saved $10 a month, that would still add up to $120 over the course of a year. Yet another way to stretch your income!

stretch your income

3. Save money on your shopping

Many of us like to shop online. But did you know that you could be making some amazing savings by looking for to a discount code or two before you check out?

There are plenty of great ways to find a discount coupon online. Signing up for newsletters of your favorite stores. Highlight sales and offers that you might not hear about elsewhere. Filter them to special email folders so that you’re not tempted too much by the promise of big savings.

Meanwhile, a quick search will put you in the direction of various codes and offers. Browser add-ons such as Honey can add them automatically to your cart. All it takes is a quick search for code before you make an online purchase. This could save you money unexpectedly. Make sure you put the difference aside to help you grow your savings.

stretch your income

4. Take advantage of free trials

Did you know that there are all sorts of free trials that you can enjoy to help you try different services for less? If you’ve always wanted to try Netflix or Amazon Prime, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of free trials available to try free services for up to a month.

In addition to free trials of entertainment services, you can also enjoy free trials of gym classes, memberships, and food delivery boxes that can help you enjoy treats for less. Once your free trial is over, other members of your household can sign up so that you can enjoy further free trials.

Take a look at some of the best free trials available and enjoy testing out the latest services.

stretch your income

5. Prep your food

Food prepping is an easy way to save money on your grocery spending. Even the best of us are guilty of throwing away dated or rotten food because we haven’t used it quickly enough. By prepping your food each week, you can work out exactly what you need to cook and buy to save money on your grocery shop, as well reduce your food waste.

There are some great batch-cook recipes that you can use to make tasty meals for less. Using a slow cooker or the stove, you can make meals for the week ahead easily and freeze the rest. This will save you money while also helping you to eat healthier and reduce your processed food intake.

stretch your income

Money makers to boost your income

6. Start a blog

Have you ever considered starting a blog? Blogging is a way for many people to make money by writing about something that they’re passionate about. Whether you have a special talent, love DIY, or you’re an expert on a particular subject – you could have a lot to offer through your blog. This is a great way to stretch your income!

Some of the ways you can make money from your blog include reviewing products, advertising and sponsored posts. Check out www.OnlineBizFacts.com to find out more about using affiliate links on your blog. If you’re willing to put the work in and promote your blog properly, you could boost your income easily as well as discover a fun new hobby.

stretch your income

7. Do online surveys

Do you like to multitask? If so, completing an online survey while watching television could be a great way for you to make money using your computer or phone. Online surveys are quick and easy to complete. They could help you make $100s each month either in cash paid to your account or on gift cards. The payment amounts may seem small, but when you add them up over an hour, then they’re not a bad way to make money.

Online service can be done anywhere, so if you’ve got a long way to travel or you’re just sitting in the backyard, you could be doing a survey to help you pass the time. You’ll need to put in a lot of time to make completing online surveys profitable, but they could be a great way for you to boost your income.

stretch your income

8. Sell your services

Are you a talented writer or particularly efficient? You could sell your services on a freelance basis online and make money in your spare time. Freelancing can be a profitable side hustle that you can do as often as needed or have the time for.

There are freelancer websites that make it easy to find work, either through pitching for jobs or advertising your services. Many people start freelancing as a side hustle that then it turns into a full-time career. It can be a great way to improve your skills and get experience that you may not get from your regular 9 to 5 job.

TaskRabbit, eLance, and People Per Hour are some excellent places to start finding some freelance work online.

stretch your income

9. Get rid of your unwanted goods

If you’ve got some unwanted clutter lying around your home, why not learn to sell it on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist? They say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so you never know what you could make from selling something you no longer want or use.

Selling goods on eBay is easier than you think. Provided you can take high-quality photographs and write a good description; you’ll be giving your items the push they need to sell.

If you want to improve your eBay rankings, you can get great feedback by buying items to help people see that you’re a trusted seller – something that’s important in what can be a competitive market.

Selling things you no longer use may be another option. That RV you don’t travel in or that boat that never sees the water anymore could turn into a cash cow. Find more information online to get some quick cash in your pocket.

stretch your income

10. Rent out your land

If you’ve got some land to spare, there are some ways you can rent it out to help bring in some extra money. You could offer storage, parking and even a place to keep horses or livestock if you’ve got some additional land.

Other ways you can make income from your land include offering it as a camping spot, or as a place for a DIY wedding or community event. There might be some costs involved in maintaining the land, but you can make this back easily through your bookings.

If you have a spare room or want to take a short break, why not list your property on a rentals website like Owners Direct, Booking.com or Airbnb?

You can stretch your income so much further with these 10 tips and tricks.

Whether you’re looking to save money or stretch your income, you’ll find plenty of online ventures that you can take advantage of to boost your income. Spending a bit of time each day looking for savings or making money can all add up over the course of a year. It can help you pay for life’s luxuries or make paying the bills a little easier. Start looking for ways to stretch your income further today and watch as your money grows.

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