7 Tips for Storing Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, and in Arlington, the magic feels extra special. With events such as the Arlington Holiday Lights Parade, everyone truly embraces the spirit of the holidays. However, Christmas time isn’t all fun. It can be super stressful with all the preparation that goes into decorating your house. Sadly, that’s not where the stress ends. After Christmas is over, you are left with the massive task of packing and then safely storing your Christmas decorations.

But fear not! We know what you are going through, and we have compiled a list of tips for you to safely store away all your decorations till next Christmas!

Opting for Self Storage

Perhaps the biggest concern with Christmas decorations is where to store them. While some people have space in their attic or basements, not everyone has that luxury. 

So, in such cases, the next best alternative is self-storage units. You can rent out a storage space of appropriate size, depending on the volume of your decorations, and store them there. 

Storage spaces are especially advantageous in Arlington because winters here are very cold, wet, and overcast. Your Christmas decorations, which include electronics and all, will stay better protected in a storage unit rather than a shed in your backyard. Look up self storage Arlington WA online today to get started on your storage space research.

Self-Storage for storing items

Utilizing Original Packaging

When you unpack your new Christmas decorations, you’ll notice they often come in sturdy boxes or plastic cases. This is not just ordinary packaging but a special type designed to keep each item safe from harm.

 It’s wise to keep these boxes and cases for when the holiday season ends. When it’s time to pack everything up, place each decoration back in its own original packaging. This way, you’re using a solution that’s not only free but also custom-made to protect your decorations. Over time, this simple habit can prevent annoying damages like chipped edges or tangled strings of lights. 

Moreover, it reduces the chances of losing any small parts or accessories. It also means you’ll be saving money on packaging boxes as you won’t have to go out and buy new ones.

Investing in Quality Storage Containers

Quality containers are sturdy, have secure lids, and are often made from clear plastic, which allows you to see what’s inside without having to open them. This simple feature can save you a lot of time when you’re getting ready to decorate again. 

The clear containers reveal the contents, making it easy to grab the right box. Moreover, these containers shield your decorations from common storage threats like dust, dampness, and insects. Labeling them adds another layer of organization. With a label indicating what’s inside or which room they belong to, the unpacking becomes a breeze.

Ornaments in a bin

Separating by Category

When it comes to storing Christmas decorations, adopting a categorized approach can be a real game changer. It’s about keeping alike items together, making both the packing and unpacking processes smooth and hassle-free. For instance, bundle all the string lights together, ensuring they are untangled and ready for the next use. 

Place all ornaments in another box, perhaps even sub-dividing them based on color or type. Garlands and wreaths can find a place together as they are relatively similar in nature. Likewise, outdoor decorations like lawn inflatables and lighted displays can share space. This method not only keeps your decorations organized but also makes it easy to locate and access them.

Wrapping Fragile Items Carefully

Many Christmas decorations are fragile and require a gentle touch when it comes to storage. Wrapping delicate ornaments or whimsical figurines in bubble wrap or tissue paper can provide a soft shield, warding off scratches, chips, or other potential damage. Once you’ve cushioned them well, placing them in a sturdy box is a sound next step. But don’t stop there; use dividers within these boxes to create individual compartments for each item.

 These dividers offer a snug fit and an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your cherished decorations remain unscathed during their hibernation. It’s like assigning each delicate item its own little chamber, safeguarding it from the rough and tumble that can occur when boxes are moved or jostled.

Using bubble wrap to cover a bowl

Utilizing Vertical Space

Opting for vertical storage solutions such as shelving units or pegboards can significantly free up floor space and keep your decorations organized. Shelves are great for stacking boxes of ornaments, while pegboards with hooks can hold wreaths and garlands. You might also consider installing wall-mounted racks or hooks in your storage area to hang items like festive lights or garlands, which can be neatly coiled to prevent tangling. In addition to this, over-the-door storage organizers can be a quick fix for smaller items, keeping them in sight and easy to reach. 

Creating an Inventory List

When you have a list, you know exactly what decorations you have and where you have stored them. This makes it much easier to find what you need when the next Christmas season rolls around. You can start by noting down the types and quantities of decorations you have as you pack them away. 

It’s also helpful to note down the condition of each item so you can easily identify anything that needs replacing. Storing this list digitally or in a dedicated folder keeps it accessible for reference. Over time, updating this inventory whenever you acquire or dispose of decorations will keep it accurate and useful.


Storing Christmas decorations need not be a chore. By adopting these practical measures, you not only ensure the longevity and readiness of your cherished festive items but also pave the way for a hassle-free decorating experience the following year. So, as the season ends, approach this task with a well-organized stride.

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