Essential Tips To Stop Wasting Resources Now

Energy is precious. And while everybody knows and understands that we rely on full accessibility to power to live and survive, too many households fail to make significant attempts to reduce their consumption of resources. From electricity to water, your utility bills are likely to be increasing year after year. Why so? Firstly because prices tend to get up on a regular basis. But more importantly, because we unconsciously fall into self-indulgence, making us believe that the resources we consume are infinite. The truth is, we can’t afford to keep on wasting our everyday resources in the way we do. Consequently, if you’re the kind of person who leaves the tap open while brushing their teeth, this little wake-up call is for you. Let’s learn how to stop wasting resources!



Essential Tips To Stop Wasting Resources Now



Your heating costs don’t need to be that high


If you’ve been a homeowner for a few years, you’ve probably noticed a constant increase in energy prices. It’s fair to say that the electricity bill you received 10 years ago was a lot cheaper than the one you get today. So what has changed? The price of electricity has been increasing steadily all over the country. Some states offer more competitive fees than others.


Additionally, energy waste and especially unknown waste, is affecting your consumption. From an old furnace system to poor insulation, you’re spending more than you should in order to keep yourself warm in winter, for instance. You can visit metro energy savers for help on this topic. As a rule of thumb, households on average pay at least one-third of heat loss in their heating costs. Therefore, we need to stop wasting resources in this area.



844 million don’t have clean water, and you’re wasting yours


Conserving water is not only a matter of cutting down your costs. It’s a primary factor in protecting the environment. But it’s also a matter of decency. When a large part of the world population struggles to get access to clean water, you can’t afford to use more than you need.


A simple change in habits can go a long way! From taking short showers to remembering to turn the tap off when you’re not using the water we can all stop wasting resources. That’s for you, absent-minding teeth-brushing friend – every little gesture counts.


Eliminate electricity vampires from your home


Modern appliances don’t use as much electricity as you think. But the accumulation of standby power and leaving items plugged in can suck up to 5% of your annual electricity use. That’s 5% you’re paying for no good reason.


This is another way to stop wasting resources. Start your hunt for power vampires by locating electronic devices that remain plugged into the socket even after you’ve used them. Also, make sure to switch your light bulbs for LED alternatives.



You don’t have the luxury of wasting any more


Finally, it’s important to understand what kind of energy you’re using. Indeed, the majority of households rely primarily on fossil fuels which are a finite resource. Indeed, the more we use these, the more likely future generations are to experience a shortage. Additionally, they contribute heavily to climate change, putting the planet at risk.


Renewable alternatives such as solar panels offer a safer and infinite source of energy. These are great tips to stop wasting energy.

We can’t afford to keep on wasting our everyday resources in the way we do. Consequently, if you’re the kind of person who leaves the tap open while brushing their teeth, this little wake-up call is for you. Let's learn how to stop wasting resources!


Reducing the waste of energy and utility resources needs to become a priority for all households. Your children and grandchildren rely on your behavior today to live a safe and happy life in the future. Saving energy, water and embracing renewable programs is your duty to protect the citizens of tomorrow. Do your part to stop wasting resources today and set a good example for our future generations.



  1. Thanks for contributing to the Homestead Blog Hop Annie, and you’re right this is important!

  2. Our water in Dubai is 95% desalinated water and there is a progression here for renewable sources and the setting up of solar farms #goinggreen

  3. Quote – “You don’t have the luxury of wasting anymore “.

    This is what we need to get people to understand. It is the overuse of everything from energy to food, to clothes etc that so many in the western world take as their given right that has got the planet into its current poor state. Each of us needs to make changes now for the sake f future generations and so many are really simple to do. #GoingGreen

    1. Author

      I couldn’t agree with that statement any more!!! We waste so much and take so much for granted! Sometimes I wish I was born 200 years ago when people had morals and ethics and appreciated everything they had!

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