How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Ho ho ho ho, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As this holiday season approaches, many of us are preparing for big celebrations and parties. Food, snacks, wine, beverages, there is no better time of the year to fill yourself to your heart’s desire! However, if you are a health-conscious type of person, then this article will reveal some tips to stay healthy this holiday season (while everyone else around you gains 5 pounds!).

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How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

This is the time of year that we all tend to splurge, especially when it comes to eating. Then after the holidays are over we are trying to lose that weight and go back to a healthier way of eating. It doesn’t have to be this way! By following the tips below you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest and still stay healthy!

Worried about putting on those pounds this holiday season? Then follow these simple tips to stay healthy throughout it.

5 Tips To Stay Healthy 

Eat Snacks Moderately

Let’s face it, snacks are abundant during the holiday seasons (as if they aren’t already throughout the year). So how do you possibly stay healthy being around all those foods? One way is to choose american snacks australia based to enjoy the snacks you may be most familiar with.

Well, If you sit within arm’s reach of the snack table, you’re going to have a tough time keeping yourself from unconsciously grabbing those handfuls of party mix, candies, and all of the other goodies like these cookies from the Farm Wife. The solution –  sit on the other side of the room. Having to constantly get up and walk may be just the ticket to keep you from returning to that snack table. Don’t forget to schedule your regular dental appointments with your Dentist in San Francisco to ensure your teeth are all healthy and well.

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Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

There is no better way to stay healthy during this festive season than to exercise! When the weather permits it, go out and take a quick walk around the house or block.

If your celebration is taking place in a cold climate, you’ll be more inspired to quicken your pace and burn a few extra calories in the process.

If the weather is bad, any brief exercise can count and help you to stay healthy.

Remember though, you only want to do just enough to elevate your heart rate, but not break out into a sweat. 

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Eat More Healthy Foods

The easiest way to stay healthy throughout the holidays is to take an extra scoop of vegetables and more fruit when filling your plate. By the time you finish, you won’t have room for the other foods which are higher in calories and more likely to cause you to gain weight. Also, be sure to avoid those fatty and fried foods (they taste good, but they aren’t healthy!) You may also consider adding a supplement to your diet to aid your digestion and improve your overall health. Be sure to take a look at Multi GI 5 reviews and others similar, to ensure that the supplement you choose is the best one for you. 

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Drink A Lot Of Water 

Water helps your body stay healthy. Drink a fair amount of water or other unsweetened beverage before each meal. And don’t forget during and between them also. The liquid in your stomach will help trick your mind into not feeling as hungry. This reduces the tendency to gorge yourself on potentially fattening foods.

Worried about putting on those pounds this holiday season? Then follow these simple tips to stay healthy throughout it.

Eat Smaller Portions

Instead of eating full platefuls of food, try eating smaller portions throughout the day. No doubt, everything at the table looks good, and it’s all you can do to keep from filling your plate 2-3 times so that you can sample everything.

An easy way to combat this urge is to simply take a smaller portion than you normally would of those dishes you’re most interested in, especially those tasty desserts. Split a piece of pie or cake with your spouse, child, or another family member who may be watching his or her waistline. This is a great way to stay healthy and help your family stay healthy too.

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To stay healthy during this holiday season simply make sure you follow healthy habits just like any other time of the year. However, don’t fret it if you end up gaining a few pounds during the holidays. After all, the holiday season is only one of the few times of the year where you can truly enjoy yourself!


  1. This is a great post. Especially the part about drinking more water. With it being colder, we have a tendency to ‘forget’ to drink more. And it does fill you up. Keep the great posts coming!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Julie! I am the worst at drinking water! I just can’t wrap my head around something that has no taste! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Annie!

    Thank you for sharing these great tips to keep us healthy during this Holiday season, on the Homestead Blog Hop.

    Eating smaller portions seems to not even be in my vocabulary during the holiday season, haha!


  3. It’s important to stay hydrated even in the cooler winter months. Get a flu shot.

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