First-Timers Guide To Starting A Homestead On A Budget

Do you dream of living a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family? If so, homesteading is right for you. With the average farmland valued at $3,000 per acre, first-time farmers should opt to lease before they make the purchase, according to the National Young Farmers Coalition. The journey of building a homestead is far more than chopping wood, raising animals, and planting trees. It requires buying a property, animals, and learning all the skills you need to establish a homestead lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to understand what it takes to build your first homestead. Check out this first-timers guide to starting a homestead on a budget.

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First-Timers Guide To Starting A Homestead On A Budget

Skip processed for homemade

First-timer homesteaders are more likely to live on a small budget to save up for bigger investments in their stead. However, many still opt for packaged or instant food options with the assumption that these things will help them save money. Instead, opt for real food items and learn to make them yourself. This also goes for cleaning and personal care items. Not only is this a toxic-free alternative to commercial products, making your meals and daily needs will help you save money in the end.

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Start investments from scratch

Starting a homestead requires you to have a student heart with the willingness to learn. Aside from owning undeveloped land, one of the most cost-effective ways to fund your homestead is to start from scratch. You will need to determine your homestead goals and the overall outcome.  For example, if you want to raise livestock such as chicken for eggs, invest in a rooster.


Become an upcycling expert

Homestead is all about getting the most out of everything. Turn scraps into compost for dirt, fertilizer, or feed to animals. Rabbit and chicken droppings are commonly used as a budget-friendly fertilizer. Ashes from the fireplace can also enrich the soil for better growth during the spring. Make sure to do your research and see what you can upcycle and get the most out of your homestead.

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Final Thoughts on Starting a Homestead on Budget

Every day is an adventure when you have a homestead. You never know if the roosters are going to get stuck trying to hop the fence or if the pigs decide to Houdini their way out of another pen you made. The best thing first-timers can do is to enjoy each day and embrace the challenges to come. With a solid plan and a little bit of wiggle room, you can build your homestead on a shoestring budget.

Check out this first-time Guide to Starting a Homestead on a budget and get the necessary steps to start your homestead right!


  1. We live in Plant City, Florida and we are an older couple, my husband is disabled. We currently rent but our park could possibly be sold in the future OR rent to continue to go up! Are there small, inexpensive areas near to homesteaders to purchase?
    We would love to find a very small place to possibly purchase.

    1. Author

      You might want to checkout Homestead Crossing!

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