Sprucing Up Older Bathrooms With 8 Easy Steps

Older bathrooms are always worth updating, and when your home has been built earlier than the past thirty years, it could well be time for a tune-up. The good news? You don’t have to spend thousands on a full bathroom renovation when you can take the time to update the smaller details instead. Sometimes, it’s the more minor details that can make all the difference, and all you need is a few tips to help you on your way. Let’s take a look at eight amazing tricks to update your tired old bathroom and enhance its liveability.

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Sprucing Up Older Bathrooms With 8 Easy Steps


There are some bathroom layouts and looks that never go out of style. The classic room shapes, fixtures that remain timeless and vintage fabrics have always been something that rarely needs much of a spruce up. Why would they; they look fantastic! Then, other types of bathrooms definitely need to be left in the past. You know the ones; salmon pink bathroom suites, burnt orange bathtubs; a retro look that absolutely doesn’t need to be brought to the future as they challenge the eyes far too much!


Update Your Fixtures

Whether you are currently looking at a dull pedestal sink or you want to change a chipped built-in bathtub for one of the many classic clawfoot tubs options instead, you need to look at your fixtures first. Leaky faucets and sconces that are old and worn down need to be changed over.

The best thing about the accessories is that you can take your time and change them one by one. Colored tubs can be resurfaced, and walls can be painted – strip the wallpaper first, though! The fixture updates that you can do will change the entire look of the space and make the bathroom look brand new.

Blue and white shower stall with silver faucets

Choose Artwork Carefully

How much artwork is on the walls of your bathroom right now? If the answer is “none,” you need to think again! The artwork is so much more than pictures and paintings; it’s the tiles and mosaic. It’s the radiators that can be suspended on the walls in a fancy pattern.

Make it a little unique for your bathroom by simply changing out the tile colors. You can brighten up the bathroom with decorative colored tiles and even swap out the frames with metals or wood.


Get Painting

A lick of paint across the tiles makes a massive difference to the way that your bathroom looks. You will need a primer that is oil and not water based before you begin. The best idea here would be to call in a professional painter, as they can help you to review the materials needed as well as provide advice for the best color ones for your bathroom.

Be aware, though, that there is no eraser once you paint the tiles. You’d have to rip the tile down and start again otherwise!


Liven It Up

A dull, old bathroom is often muted in color or in plain white. Once you’ve upgraded your fixtures and added some art, you need to consider other ways that you can liven up space. Think about wallpaper options, curtains or blinds in a color match with the rest of your bathroom.

Just because it’s a small room, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be beautiful. You can liven up all of the space with the right accessories and the right ceiling fixtures; you just have to make it as fun as possible.

bathroom with bright blue accents

Add Textures

Often, bathrooms are not filled with fabrics like rugs and curtains. The moisture makes the materials damp, and it’s not what you want for your new bathroom. Add interest and layers to your bathroom with blinds and curtains in a different color to the rest of the room. The contrasting colors will make a massive difference to the way your bathroom looks.

If curtains aren’t your thing, what about a bold shower curtain instead? White towels and white fixtures within the color can bring some calm to the color storm.


The Little Fittings

Vintage bathrooms often have mounted outlets for your electricals. This leads to outlets that are standing out from the tile in a way that you don’t want for your bathroom. When you paint the walls, the outlet covers should match – so paint those, too! Not only can you save yourself some cash with painting the outlets rather than replacing them with new ones, you still manage to make them look good.

When you’re sorting out a bathroom specifically for teenagers and children, you can add a plug-in nightlight to one of the outlets to give it use instead of looking ugly on the wall.



When you are working with straight white tiles or grey color schemes, you need to add accents that work. You could keep your white theme but add in a more vibrant, deeper color, such as a series of blues or reds. It draws the eye and keeps the room looking balanced and in focus.

If you add in colorful wallpaper, stick to plain curtains, blinds and shower curtains. If you want to avoid your new wallpaper from peeling from the walls, you need to think about your ventilation and how much you have.


It Has To Be Functional

One issue with older bathrooms is the lack of towel racks or storage hooks. When you add shelves to the walls, you create a functional space to use for your things. Add the racks above any tiles to prevent them from breaking. It also keeps the wall space open while giving you the storage that you need.

If you want to really modernize the space, think about glass shelving! It blends into the colors of your bathroom while keeping everything as organized as possible.


Your bathroom should look good, feel good and be modern enough to enjoy for the whole family. Take the time to decorate your bathroom carefully, and you’ll be able to spruce it up without breaking the bank.

The good news? You don't have to spend thousands on a full bathroom renovation when you can take the time to update the smaller details instead. Sometimes, it's the more minor details that can make all the difference, and all you need is a few tips to help you on your way.



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