8 Cool Ways to Spruce Up Your Old Bathroom Cabinet

House renovation is an exciting process for most homeowners. Like living rooms, bathrooms are a perfect space to add a new breath of life into an old and boring design. Especially when it comes to your bathroom cabinet.

A few adjustments like new lighting, paint, and a new bathroom cabinet can transform a dull space into something interesting. 

Here are a few cool ideas that you can leverage when sprucing up your old bathroom cabinet.

1. Paint Your Bathroom Cabinets

If you want a quick and straightforward bathroom update, then a fresh coat of paint is ideal for you. Painting is the perfect way of fixing the noticeable flaws on your cabinet. Of course, if you want a complete change, you could look at companies that offer installation of bathroom cabinets denver way, or wherever you are based, to get some brand new ones!

It gives you the flexibility to fill any existing cabinet hardware holes and add moldings and architectural details to your cabinets. For the painting job to look meticulous and durable, consider using rust-resistant and metallic finishes. This offers slight protection of your cabinet to last longer. 

Besides the new look the paint gives your bathroom cabinet, it offers a great return on investment. 

Old bathroom cabinet

2. Add New Faucets

Faucets are a staple in our bathrooms. And replacing your bathroom sink fixtures is a quick way to spruce up your bathroom cabinet. So if your faucet is leaking or it’s an old model, it gives an impression of bathroom neglect. 

You can spruce up your bathroom cabinet by replacing an outdated or a leaking one with a modern bathroom sink faucet. You can also pick a faucet that matches the rest of your bathroom decor.

Faucets come in various finishes, and you can easily choose one that matches your bathroom cabinet decor. Depending on your bathroom decor, you can go for a variety of faucets like a wall mount sink faucet, a vessel sink faucet, gold bathroom sink faucets, black sink faucet, among others. 

If you are just changing the faucets, you can look for unique bathroom faucets that match the plumbing holes in your countertop. But if you’re replacing your bathroom cabinet countertop, then a professional will drill holes that can suit your modern faucets. 

New Black faucet on sink

3. Install a New Countertop

Installing a new countertop is another quick way to spruce your old bathroom cabinet. It is ideal if you’re planning to replace your hardware or the base. This is because your countertop will appear outdated and weary.

And you need to know that replacing your countertops is tedious and will require extra effort, which is why you might want to get countertop installers boston or similar professionals in your area to do it for you. However, if you want you can DIY it too. First, you’ll need to remove sink and bathroom sink fixtures and rip out the old countertop. 

After the process, you will need to survey and repaint the walls in case of any damages. But all this process is worth it if you want to spruce up your old bathroom cabinet.  

You can choose a variety of options for your cabinet countertop. It can either be granite, quartz, leather or copper sheeting. If you can’t dismantle your countertop, you can consider using a basic peel and stick paper like a marble look for your countertop.

New countertop

4. Add New Cabinet Hardware

Maybe the hardware needs replacing to make it look elegant again. Replacing the old hardware with a new one is an easy way to modernize your bathroom cabinet.

This is a quick process that can take only a few hours to complete. Changing the hardware requires a couple of screwdrivers and a little elbow grease. 

The good news is that there are so many beautiful knob styles to choose from. But deciding on a suitable one is the most challenging aspect. 

Depending on the style of your house, you can consider brass and bronze to complete your farmhouse bathroom style. You can pick 4” long pulls made of sleek iron or preferred metal with subtle silver accents. 

Or, if you love a splash of color in your bathroom, you can go for bright-colored ceramic knobs for your bathroom cabinet. For instance, you can get pinkish and sunny yellow antique ceramic knobs to add that splash of color to your old cabinet drawers. 

If you get a beautiful floral design and gold undertones, it will give your cabinet elegant and warm tones. 

New hardware on cabinets

5. Install Furniture Feet on Your Bathroom Cabinet

Adding furniture feet to your old bathroom cabinet is another exciting idea to spruce it up. You can leverage liquid nails when adding these furniture feet. 

But first, you need to determine the cabinet’s style and shape and the furniture feet and then use a screw to attach. Furniture feet are an exciting addition to your old bathroom cabinet as it enhances it into a valuable piece of furniture.

New cabinet with feet

6. Play With the Plumbing Pipes

Most bathroom cabinets are either a cabinet or a dresser. But you can be playful with your bathroom cabinet. Depending on your style, you can use gold or silver pipe structures to transform the plumbing into a beautiful work of art. 

You can replace the whole cabinet to be spacious enough to fit some of your must-haves. Or place some pretty baskets underneath the sink to store products you constantly use. Being playful and flexible will give your old bathroom cabinet an elegant touch.

New bathroom with cubbies

7. Install a Spacious Dresser as a Bathroom Cabinet

Another bathroom cabinet idea that is taking center stage is the all-in-one vanity. It will include a modern sink, faucets, beautiful hardware, base, and countertops

But you need to understand that getting rid of the old bathroom cabinet will leave you with some cleanup to do. Besides, you will need the help of a professional to help with the plumbing to unhook and rehook your bathroom sink fixtures. 

Installing a new bathroom cabinet is a quick and easy option that will enhance your bathroom look. 

new bathroom

8. Install A Rustic Nightstand

Imagine the look and feel a rustic nightstand will give your bathroom cabinet! Combine it with the warm wood, white walls, silver or gold elements to give the space a vibrant feel. 

The beauty of this nightstand is that you can use its drawers. And, you may add a circular sink on top of the nightstand to leave room for extra storage.


Take Away

From the ideas above, you can tell that it is pretty simple to spruce up your old bathroom cabinet. You can leverage the variety of options available, from simple hardware to a completely new aesthetic. We hope these ideas give you room to be creative with your remodeling. 

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