How To Welcome Spring To Your Garden

Spring has finally come. And for those who know where to look, it’s a real pleasure. You can watch nature awaking after the cold winter months! The trees are covered in dozens of vibrant blossoms. Each one bringing the promise of delicious fruit in a few months’ time.

If you’ve used early harvest seeds in the vegetable garden, you may not have long to wait to enjoy the first harvest. Everywhere you go, you can hear birds calling each other and flying in busy packs above the garden to dig juicy worms after the rain.

Spring is a wonderful season that warms the heart. It’s a time for fresh starts. And more importantly, it’s a time for making every living being feel welcome in your garden. Indeed, there’s nothing better to shake off the cold feeling of a gloomy winter than to transform your home into a haven of peace that greets everyone into the new season.


spring landscape in the woods

How To Welcome Spring To Your Garden




Everyone loves to eat in the garden


Who doesn’t love a summer party with your friends and relatives around a cozy bbq grill? But, before you plan your BBQ invitations, you know there are still several months to wait until the weather is warm enough. You could, however, make the most of the time now to make your garden feel more welcoming to your future guests.


The addition of a garden deck with its own roof can dramatically transform your home.  You can work with experts to design a sturdy structure, such as SCI Roofing & Construction. Indeed, a deck helps you to increase your living space. This means that you not only boost the value of the property, but you make it also more comfortable to have guests around.


Additionally, it’s the perfect compromise to place the garden back in the center of attention while reducing your maintenance work. As your deck and roof are utilizing garden surface, you’ve got ultimately less mowing and trimming to do.


Spring garden deck


Let the front yard do the talking


At the end of winter, your property is likely to need a little spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is often misinterpreted as a fancy way of saying extreme vacuuming. In reality, it’s about addressing the potential damages suffered during the winter. These damages tend to be visible from the outside. 


Clearing the gutters, which might have accumulated dead leaves and twigs over the winter months, ensures rainwater can evacuate safely. Similarly, now’s the best time to remove the grime that built up on the windows and the dead leaves from the driveway.


spring rainfall overfilling a gutter


All-in-one, it’s about giving your property a fresh slate to be reborn at the same time as nature. The subtle transformations make your home feel more inviting to the external observer. You can enhance the curb appeal of your home at the same time.


Is it too late to help wildlife?


Spring is also about wildlife. If you haven’t prepared your garden for hibernating animals, you can make the most of April to help revive nature. You can leave caterpillars on the leaves as nesting birds use them to feed their young. To feed hedgehogs you can leave some meat-based dog food. You can play your part in the great awakening.


Spring is the best time to start attracting birds and other pollinators like bees to your garden.


Spring bird on a branch



Spring is the season of greetings. Homeowners need to direct their efforts outdoors to make every living thing feel welcome in the new season. Whether you want your guests to feel at home or wild birds to make your garden their home, welcome life in all its forms.



Spring is a great time to prepare your garden on your homestead.





  1. I love this! You are spot on about these things. We are hanging our birdhouse gourds out this week and getting the birdfeeders going too. It is wonderful being outside after the confinement of winter. Thanks for this post and the reminders.

    1. Author

      I hear ya, Jennifer! Don’t you just love spring and all it has to offer? I have my feeders right outside my office window and I really enjoy hearing the birds as they sing happily each morning!

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