The Power of Nature: Why We Should Spend More Time Outdoors This Summer

The natural world is a beautiful one. It’s one that’s captured our attention and our hearts for generations. We have built entire religions around it, monuments to it, and still to this day go out to see the best natural wonders of this world.

We as people love being out in nature, and yet, most of us today live in large sprawling urban areas otherwise known as cities. It’s time to make this summer the year to reconnect and spend more time outdoors.

Family enjoying nature

Why We Need to Reconnect with Nature 

We are at our happiest outdoors, even if you don’t immediately notice it. A stunning, tranquil space helps us relax and breathe better.

There’s a reason why walks are recommended for those taking a break. It helps stimulate the mind while simultaneously calming our soul.

Add in the fact that just walking more, in general, is great for your health and stress levels. Now you can start to see just why being out in nature is so important for us as human beings. 

If you’ve been missing that connection, don’t worry. There are ways that you can reconnect. All you need is to follow these tips to spend more time outdoors this summer: 

Visit Stunning Gardens 

If you need to plan day trips and have young kids, then going to gardens is the perfect option. There are so many stunning gardens out there. And most only cost a small admissions fee to go and visit.

Just have a look at the best secret gardens in the UK. They are old, and beautiful, and come with the added benefit of a house tour during your visit.

You can go and explore the stunning scenery, have a picnic, and soak in that amazing atmosphere. These gardens make excellent day trips and are full of wonderful ideas for your own garden, so take notes. 

Beautiful gardens

Go Hiking 

If your kids are older and your family more adventurous, then a great way to get outdoors more is to go on a hike. This can be done on foot, or it can be done on a bike.

Always check the trails in advance so that you know just how long the trail is. Be sure to know how much exercise will need to be involved. You can work your way up to peak fitness. Until you get there, work within your limits. That way you don’t end up stranded somewhere.  

Couple hiking

Reconnect with the Waterways 

Civilization was built along the waterways. Not only are blue spaces just as important as green spaces, but they also tend to combine the best of both worlds.

If there’s a river or canal near you, for example, rent out a kayak or canoe and start boating around. This is also great exercise, and you’ll get the added benefit of seeing how the riverbank changes.


Rivers are also home to some of the most beautiful flowers and trees. As a natural water source, those flowers also tend to be mighty spectacular that other areas just cannot compete with. 

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