How To Create A Spa Experience In Your Backyard

After long working hours and tiring weather, everyone would want to create a comfortable and relaxing spa experience in their backyard. Doing this is easy if you’re familiar with laying out your home correctly. This often includes a swimming pool, massage table, outdoor kitchen, fire features, and landscaping that’ll add a bit of pampering and colorful retreat.

Well, for those who always find time to visit the spa once in a while to re-energize and reduce stress, your backyard has got you covered. You don’t need to spend much money to get a unique experience. Create your own spa experience at home. Also, checking out spas for sale is essential to know what you want and the best deals for your outdoor spa.

Backyard spa experience

With the few tips below, you can have your very own spa to enjoy for the longest time and without restrictions.

Install A Bath Tub

Indulging in a relaxing bathtub with a glass of wine and extra scented candles is a mind-blowing way to feel and get pampered. Imagine doing this spa experience in your backyard, under the stars, and with your desired company. 

Most homeowners have bathtubs in their backyards available to enjoy the spa experience. But if you haven’t installed one, you can consider installing one in an existing space in your backyard. You can have a professional handle all the installation for rather an excellent service and an easy way. 

Besides having a bathtub in your yard. You can also construct a shower outdoors to help you clean up after working or exercising in the yard. Outdoor showers make your home clean, too, since dirt, grass, and debris are kept out of house showers.

Outdoor shower

Add In Some Furniture Features

You can add a massage table, patio bed, meditation deck, vanity, and the like. Having these things is essential because they instantly increase the comfort level in your backyard.

For instance, you can have your masseuse come to your home to conduct the massage therapy instead of heading to the spa. This allows you to continue in a relaxing mood rather than battling with traffic while heading home.

A patio sofa is necessary for your backyard spa experience and helps you relax while soaking your feet or drying your facial mask. But if you have extra space, consider adding a bed instead to heighten the relaxation space for a nap.

Another feature to add if you have a budget and space is the meditation deck. You can conduct yoga and stretch in this space. But if you don’t have the estimated space to build a deck, you can simply roll out a rug or a mat for your yoga and stretching session.

Vanity is another excellent addition to your backyard spa. This applies to homeowners with an outdoor kitchen without sinks and drainage. So instead of having a plumber install drainage, you can create a vanity with a sink, basin, pitcher, and dresser.

Outdoor yoga

Add In Some Relaxation Elements

Have you noticed many spas have elements that evoke relaxation, such as water fountains, infused water, cocktails or mocktails, spa professionals, slippers and robes, party favors, facial mask ingredients, lights, soft music, and decorations. Adding all these effectively creates an outdoor spa that will live out to its name.

The mere sound of water and music relaxes your mind creating a spa treatment experience. Besides, the sound of water can help you focus on the inside activities and not be distracted by the noises outside. Plus, cocktails and infused water help you and your guests if you’re planning to host them to be hydrated and to keep the spa vibe enjoyable.

Lights can evoke the mood of your backyard spa as well. For this purpose, bright light might not serve the feeling, making the lights dim for a soothing ambiance. Light in some scented candles or install a soft illumination to create a mood more relaxing.

Every homeowner would want their backyard to be the space where they cool off after a hectic day as they bond with their families. So, will all these elements, don’t forget to invest in some privacy. Buy an outdoor privacy screen because your alone time is very instrumental.

Outdoor tub

Set Up Some Few Amenities

Setting up a few amenities to be nearby makes your garden look like any professional spa. You might want an on-the-go spa kit near you to lessen the hustle of going to fetch them now and then and complete the spa look in your backyard. 

Make the sink near so you can wash up anytime without using more energy walking around. Before doing this, choose all the amenities and furniture that can withstand moisture for them to last longer.

Outdoor spa accessories


You’ll need the above mentioned tips and the right mood to create your relaxing spa experience. Hopefully, you enjoy your backyard spa, from face mask relaxation to essential oil massages from your masseuse.


  1. First thing we built as we started our backyard food forest conversion was an outdoor soaking tub. Soaking tubs are deeper than bath tubs and this one has the spigot on the side so both ends are free for leaning back on. Craigslist purchase $200. Built a deck with leftover wood, put an apron and a cover on it with discarded fence boards. Attached a Chofu from Island Hot Tub Frazer is super helpful. Best purchase ever. No pumps, no bubbles, no noise. Looked at a diy hot water heating system but wasn’t comfortable with the open flame. When we fire it up, we make charcoal for biochar for the garden. When we drain the tub, it fills the swales watering our garden. Oh, and it is quite relaxing soaking under the stars. We use it once or twice a week. So many benefits. I hope you get your outdoor spa!

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