How To Solve Drainage Issues Around Your Home

Good drainage systems are beneficial for your home’s foundation. However, you may experience some problems with your drainage system, which can cause significant damage, causing people to go onto websites such as, for example, to call experts out so they can fix up the issue and stop any problems from re-occurring. Overlooking your drainage system may be a costly mistake, one that you do not want to breeze past. Thankfully, the following measures can help solve common drainage issues affecting your home.

Yard flooded after a rain

Take care of your gutters

You may not appreciate the work of your gutters until the heavy rains come.  In clayey areas, soil can expand vastly in volume when wet, which can be a hazard.

Indeed, good gutters prevent your foundation from being exposed to excess water. Therefore, building one is a great way to protect your property from water-related disasters.

For instance, routing stagnant water away from the building reduces soil expansiveness around your structure, ensuring your home stands firm in all weather. Improving and cleaning your gutters regularly is recommended, ensuring they are always in good condition.

Repairing gutters

Remove water pooling in your garden bed with a Uni-Pit

Accumulated water in your garden bed breeds muddy areas, which could affect plant life. It would help if you treated this with an appropriate drainage system.

Otherwise, your plants may not grow well in extremely wet conditions. Installing a 200 or 300 Uni-Pit with an ag line can help you overcome this trouble. Therefore, consult drainage experts in your area to determine the best solution.

Mix in organic matter

In cases where poor drainage issues occur in a small area, you can manage the problem by mixing in compost. Due to its large oxygen pores, introducing organic matter will help lighten the soil.

Consider mixing in the compost with slow-draining soil to create effective air pockets. You can do this yearly by adding 3 to 4 inches of compost to solve your drainage issue with time.

Adding compost

Fix your faulty sewer lines

Excessive water pressure can cause your sewer lines to break and leak underground. Therefore, you should monitor your septic tank and guard against flooding.

It’s risky to turn a blind eye to your damaged sewer line as it constitutes a health risk and possible danger to your property. You can call professional sewer replacement and repair providers to work on your broken pipes.

Experts in this field usually have advanced trenching equipment to solve any drainage issue threatening your home, so feel free to consider this.

Cultivate water-loving plants

Planting water-loving plants like marsh marigolds and cardinal flowers in the muddy zone may be ideal for large soggy areas. You can choose to build raised paths or boardwalks to allow you to enjoy a drier look at your garden.

Another professional way to fix a poorly drained home is to create a pond or water garden. Your land should be well sculpted to be able to contain enough water. Moreover, water gardens benefit wildlife: catbirds, mockingbirds, and nuthatches will surely visit there to replenish their fluid.

Small water garden

Learning to solve drainage issues quickly can maintain your home’s structural integrity while preventing costly repairs. Hopefully, you’ll consider these tips for the best results. 

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