Are You Ready For A Snowstorm?

A ferocious snowstorm is taking over the Midwest and leave piles of snow everywhere in its path. The near-blizzard conditions have canceled several thousand flights in a region that stretches from Chicago to Kansas. Some areas around Chicago registered over a foot of snow and the National Weather Service has warned that snowfall isn’t going to slow down over the next days.

Winter is coming!

Now’s the best time to prepare for it. Especially if you need to keep your home warm and running in the midst of a snowstorm. Do you have an emergency plan already? If you haven’t, there a few tips should help you to figure out what needs doing.



Are You Ready For A Snowstorm?



Survival skills and gears

First and foremost, the idea of survival skills doesn’t mean that you’ll have to survive in the middle of a war zone. It’s about understanding which gestures are useful to know. And to learn when you’re in a situation that can be potentially dangerous – whether you’re going camping in the woods in summer or sustaining a storm in winter. Boosting your survival know-how can be challenging if you’re used to the abundance of supplies and services of an urban environment.


You can find dedicated training classes that are typically aimed at the military forces. For something a little more light-hearted but just as practical, take a look at Prepared Bee.  This is a site filled with tips on what to do, how to store food, or what to look for in a variety of challenging situations. Gaining the right skills can ensure your family safety in the case of a power cut this winter during a snow storm.




Have you thought about your animals?

If you’ve newly acquired farm animals, such as chicken or even horses, you need to learn how to look after them during the winter. Especially during a snowstorm. The number one priority is to keep them from getting cold. A deep litter can keep your animals off the cold ground. Additionally, you need to ensure that your chicken coop, or horse stable – or any other facility – is weatherproof. Additionally, you can also bring lukewarm water to stop the bowl of water from freezing.




Do you have an emergency solution?

A snowstorm is likely to cause power cuts. However, running a portable generator can prove dangerous in bad weather. Consequently, you need to look out for safe solutions. Indeed, when using a portable generator, you need to ensure it stands in an open area at a safe distance from your home. This is because carbon monoxide poisoning is a risk. While rain and snow can lead to electrocution; you need to build a safe shelter for your generator. Take a look at the GenTent created by Mark Carpenter. It’s the perfect shelter in a storm!


Can you keep warm?

Last, but not least, do you have everything you need to stay warm without electricity? An indoor propane heater can be a lifesaver, along with weatherproof insulation around the windows and doors. If you have a wood stove, you can keep it burning for additional heat. And remember: Your basement can be the warmest part of your home due to ground insulation! Every action you take can prevent problems during a snowstorm.



Can you keep your family and household safe in a snowstorm? With the right tips and preparations, you can make sure that the cold days have nothing to stop you!


Surviving a snowstorm is easy when you take these tips to mind.



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