Smart Storage Solutions For Workforce Lodging: Making The Most Of Small Spaces

Many large-scale construction projects take 9 to 12 months to complete. It involves people working their hardest on-site and living away from their cities in rented rooms provided by their employers. Temporary site accommodation has become a crucial part of everyday business activities in the construction industry. Offering construction workers comfortable lodgings with smart storage solutions ensures their diligence and bolsters their productivity. But how do you make limited living spaces more spacious and storage-friendly?

This blog will share simple tips to transform even the most compact spaces into a home away from home. Let’s see how to make temporary housing options for the workforce more functional and comforting.


1. Rent Temporary Lodgings

Providing workers with proper temporary housing options is vital in the oilfield and construction industries for maintaining the workforce’s efficiency. Let’s talk about construction workers here. If you’re looking for workforce lodging near Odessa, a Texas city where workers make $22 an hour on average, it often gets difficult to find affordable housing for them. An average Odessa apartment costs $1,160 or more if you add the cost of transporting oilfield/construction workers to the project site.

Instead, you should invest in modular man camps to house your workers comfortably and affordably. These lodgings offer different amenities, including ground supervision, weekly housekeeping, constant site monitoring, designated parking areas, private bathroom facilities, and all utilities. So look for a man camp Odessa TX workers can use for temporary accommodation during a project. But book a tour of the area first to see if these Odessa camps are up to the mark. 

Temporary housing

2. Invest In Vertical Shelving

Don’t let all that wall space go unused in your workforce’s compact living quarters. Use tall and vertical shelves where employees can keep their linens safely. That’s how vertical storage solutions free up all the floor space, making a small man camp more spacious and walkable.

Use shallower shelves for better traffic flow in the room, and avoid clutter in an apartment that’s small enough to begin with! Talk to professional designers to do vertical shelving correctly.

Vertical shelving over washer

3. Using The Back Of A Door

The back of a door in a small apartment can be a great place to add storage space. When the door is closed, the items stored in this area are hidden away. 

In the kitchen, you can use mounting racks or shelves to store spices, utensils, or food items. In the bedroom, you can use cubby-style hanging organizers to store shoes, bags, or other accessories. However, it is important to avoid using this trick on every single door, as this could contribute to clutter.

Storage on back of door

4. Choose Stowaway Storage

Stowaway storage solutions are a great way to store items that you don’t want to be seen all the time. These solutions typically involve hidden compartments or drawers that can be found in various places throughout your apartment. 

For example, you could have storage containers or drawers built under your bed to store undergarments, original documents, or extra cash. Upholstered benches and coffee tables with hidden storage units are also great stowaway storage solutions. These pieces of furniture will keep your personal belongings out of sight and out of mind. 

Storage under the bed

5. Use Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture isn’t something alien to oilfield/construction workers. You can easily provide your workforce with beds with built-in drawers and convertible sofas that become beds at night. 

  • Modular furniture: These are pre-made units you can assemble in different ways to decorate workers’ small rooms and fit their specific storage needs.
  • Foldable furniture: Use collapsible chairs, desks, and tables for a small apartment. They may be folded and stored efficiently when not in use to avoid claiming extra space.

That’s how you can make the most of a constricted living quarter for your workers.

Modular furniture

6. Exploit Every Nook Wisely

Compact living spaces can become more storage-friendly with a few tweaks. How about using the unused corners of a man camp to make the place more spacious?

It’s simple: Just place some corner shelves or cabinets where workers can keep their phones, decorations, family pictures, or other items of interest, personalizing their small quarters effectively. Customize them to fit the corner’s dimensions to make the space a lot more functional.

Corner shelves

7. Try Bespoke Storage Methods

Consider using fitted furniture with drawer inserts, specialized racks, or adaptable shelves and rails to enhance your workforce’s small living spaces. These methods maximize functionality without harming the looks of an apartment. The same goes for freestanding furniture, chiefly if you work with a narrow space.

Choose wider designs instead of using up all the wall space to create more storage options easily.

Storage drawers

8. Make Decorations More Useful

You can even use decorative options to generate more storage spaces smartly in an apartment:

  • Floating shelves: These shelves don’t only display decorative objects but also store small items, e.g., keys and stationery. That’s how you can combine aesthetics with storage solutions.

These options creatively improve the aesthetics of a worker’s living quarters with added space.

Floating Shelves

9. Provide Bathroom Storage

Even limited bathroom spaces can appear more expansive with the right storage solutions.

For instance, you may install over-the-toilet shelving and hanging caddies in these bathrooms to create space for the workforce’s towels, toiletries, medications, and personal hygiene items. Also, using corner shelving or recessed shelving (built into the bathroom walls) can be a great option too. Use the space under the sinks by placing bins and baskets for more creative storage options.

Similarly, mirrors with hidden storage compartments make compact bathrooms more expansive. 

Bathroom storage


If you want to make limited housing spaces for your workforce more spacious and functional, read all the guidelines mentioned above. Choose stowaway and bespoke storage options. Install multi-functional furniture and invest in vertical storage solutions to give your workers ample space for a comfy living.

Look for man camps near the project site where your workers can enjoy top-of-the-line amenities. That’s how you can enhance their productivity and ensure the project finishes by the deadline.

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