How to Make Small Spaces Look Lively and Stylish

Many people living in small spaces get confused when choosing decoration ideas. As you plan to decorate the house, there are limits to how much you can do with all items you can buy. The most significant challenges are the styles to choose from while maintaining a spacious, elegant, and clutter-free house.

Some great tips for making small spaces look lively and stylish are: 

Choose the Main Style or Theme for the Entire House

When decorating a small room, choosing how you want the entire house to look is the first thing to do. What kind of style or theme do you prefer? Is it modern or traditional? If you choose a classic theme, which colors, decor pieces, and furniture should you use?

Some suggestions are artifacts but don’t cram the room. For instance, a cuckoo clock on one of the walls in your living room is enough to make the small space look elegant. Most importantly, plan the design before buying anything to avoid regrets afterward.

Paint Walls a Light or Bright Color

When decorating a small space, color can be one of the most potent ways to make a room feel larger. Lighter and brighter colors make it seem like there is more natural light coming in. If you’re going for light colors, try using off-white or cream, and if you’re going for brighter colors, try using bright blues or dark green

Another way to make a small space look bigger is by repeating the same color but in different shades throughout the room.  You can also contrast the color schemes used on various items. For instance, silk curtains can go well with light blue or dark green cushions or a brightly colored rug in a room with white walls.

Use More Mirrors

Mirrors are excellent for making a small space look more extensive, but make sure you place them strategically. A mirror can also help brighten up a dark room when placed in the right spot, reflecting natural light to the rest of the room.

Let in Lots of Light

Lights help create a sense of space in a room. For example, a room with many windows will naturally feel more extensive, but when you have little natural light coming in, improvise with strategically placed bulbs or other light sources. 

Other options are string lights, pendant lighting, wall sconces, and table lamps. Also, do away with dark blinds, heavy curtains, and dark-colored furniture because they make a room feel smaller.

Use these tips and tricks to make small spaces in your home look lively and stylish.

Don’t Keep More Than You Need

No matter the style or decor you choose, too many items will make a room look disorderly. Only keep what you need and use the space wisely. You can have more than one purpose for each piece of furniture or accessory in your small room. For instance, a bed can have storage units, or it can serve as a couch. 

Before making any purchase, ask yourself if it’s a must-have or a nice-to-have, as too many items make a room look cluttered. As you try to achieve this, find your style and go for what suits your space. 

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