Small Maintenance Projects To Knock Out At Home

When you are spending more time in the house, you notice the small maintenance projects that may have already reached the To-Do or “honey-do” list but haven’t gotten done yet. Now is the perfect time to get to them before summer is fully here and you will want to laze around in the backyard.

Here are some small maintenance projects for the home you may want to do before the heat of summer sets in..

Small Maintenance Projects

Replace the Water Filters

CHanging the water filter is one of the easy home maintenance projects

Let’s start with an easy maintenance project.

Think about all the different filters that are fitted inside various home appliances. Make a list with the ones that need replacing now or are coming up to that time when it’d be good to have a replacement filter ready to go.

The list depends on what you have at home. There might be a whole house water filtration system installed, a dishwasher or a washing machine with an old filter to check out.

To obtain clean, healthy and great tasting water, consider There, you will learn everything you need to know to obtain the cleanest drinking water and how to maintain such a system.

If you do find that the water filtering system needs a new filter, then replace your dechlorinator with a new one to resolve that quickly. We say that because it’s probably the most noticeable when it’s past its prime.

Are Curtains Impractical? Switch to Blinds or Shades

a window blind

Heavy curtains might be useful in the wintertime, but they’re fairly impractical as it gets warmer. They only offer fully drawn or drawn back positions with nothing in between. Because of this, you’re unable to properly control the amount of sunshine that streams into a living room or bedroom.

By switching to pull-down shades in the kitchen and blinds in the living room and bedrooms, you are able to block the sun’s rays during the hottest part of the day. This makes it more pleasant at home and reduces the cost of a fan or AC cooling too.

Fix the Deck

backyard deck

If you had a deck put in a few years ago then it might have suffered. This is due to lack of use and no maintenance having been performed.

Any wood that’s shown signs of damage, excess moisture, or just the natural passage of time needs to be addressed before it worsens. Pay particular attention to the flashing. Also, examine the edging where the deck connects to the side of your home to inspect it for any issues.

If the deck hasn’t been cleaned since the previous year, then itshould be swept up and removed. Give the decking a thorough cleaning including maybe a power wash if it is especially dirty. Then consider re-staining too.

Check the Insulation Around the Water Pipes (or Add Some)

Soft insulation sleeves ready for insulating pipes

It is common to see more recently fitted water pipes with insulation around them. It is an energy-saving tip that prevents excess heat from being lost as hot water travels through the pipe network.

Older plumbing setups may not include this added step. If so, this is costing extra to heat the water to ensure it is hot at every faucet. If your home does not have this pipe insulation, consider adding it to reduce your energy bill in the future.

Check out these small maintenance projects you can do before summer around your home.

Final Thoughts on Small Maintenance Projects

Tackling some of the smaller projects early allows you to focus on a more substantial one when you have a large enough block of free time for it. This way, you are not inundated with projects to do later, which can be unnecessarily stressful.

Have you started completing some small maintenance projects around your homestead? Tell me in the comments what you have accomplished and what you still have planned to do.

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