5 Ways To Maximize Your Small Kitchen Space

Recent housing and home design trends have seen a rise in the popularity of apartment living as well as small, minimalist spaces. Thanks to these trends, many people are getting creative when it comes to maximizing small living areas, and the kitchen is no exception. 

Even in the smallest of homes, the kitchen often serves as the central focus, serving both as a useful space for preparing meals and as a natural spot for hosting and entertaining friends and family as guests.

So, it is crucial to make the most of this important room in your home. Below, we’ve compiled a list of several clever ideas to maximize the space in any small kitchen. 

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1. Transform Your Island into a Multipurpose Space

If your small kitchen has the valuable feature of an island or peninsula, maximizing its usefulness is essential. Consider using your island as a prep space while cooking, and then transforming it into a serving area once the food is ready to eat. 

Adding barstools to one side of your island will create a casual bar-style dining area for a quick morning breakfast or laid-back dinner hangout. If you don’t have space for a kitchen table, this is a perfect replacement. Be sure to select low-profile stools that can be easily stored under the island’s countertop for maximum space efficiency. 

Also, consider adding outlets to the side of the island so it can function as a prep space for use with any powered kitchen tools, such as mixers, blenders, or food processors. Additionally, relocating your range to the island will allow you to use a central range hood, freeing up wall space for more useful cabinets. 

2. Add Cabinet Organizers

If you are finding that you don’t have enough cabinet space to store all of your kitchen supplies and cooking tools, or if your cabinets feel messy and cluttered, you might not be making the best use of the space. A simple remedy to this is getting cabinet organizers that maximize your space efficiency and keep your cabinets orderly. 

A double-stacked cutlery organizer can allow you to store twice as many utensils in a typical kitchen drawer while keeping everything in its place. A pot lid organizer can make it easier to store all of your lids within a smaller footprint. It also keeps them readily accessible when you need them. There are many cabinet organizers to choose from. Think about the messiest areas of your cabinet storage. Search for organizers that can effectively remedy the problem. 

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3. Incorporate Hanging Storage

Are your cabinets neat and organized, but you still don’t have enough storage space? Consider adding hanging storage to your kitchen walls and ceiling. This is an excellent way to store large or bulky items, like pots and pans, large serving plates, wine bottles, and more. This frees up the cabinet space those things would have occupied. They can also serve as a simple and useful decor element for your kitchen space. 

However, when it comes to hanging storage, it is easy to cross the line from “space-efficient” to “cluttered”. It’s important that your hanging storage does not interrupt important sightlines or become a barrier to natural conversations in the kitchen. Be sure that even with the use of hanging storage, your kitchen is still an excellent space for both cooking and entertaining.

4. Take Advantage of Untapped Space

Making the most of your small kitchen space often involves utilizing every available inch. For instance, if you have an underutilized corner in your kitchen, consider installing a branded solution like the Hafele Magic Kitchen Corner. This can transform that area into a more functional and practical space, allowing you to maximize the storage and usability of your kitchen. The goal is to make sure no area is left without a purpose. If you have a few inches of space next to your fridge, consider adding a super-thin rolling shelf that will stow away in this area. This is perfect for storing spices and frequently used cooking items like oil and vinegar. If there isn’t enough space for a shelf, take advantage of the side of your fridge by creating a magnetic spice rack. 

Also, consider a range hood above the stove to eliminate the steam and odors from cooking. A professional should be considered for this installation as they know the electric wiring codes and the correct range hood height.

Another way to maximize space is to add small shelving between countertops and cabinetry. This works especially well in corners, and it serves as the perfect place to store daily kitchen essentials. 

 Learn all the tips to maximize your small kitchen space.

5. Remodel Your Kitchen to Create a Better Layout and Design

If your kitchen layout simply feels tight and cluttered or isn’t designed in an intelligent and space-efficient way, it might be time to consider a kitchen remodeling project. Here are some remodeling ideas that could maximize space in your small kitchen: 

  • Opening up a wall in a galley-style kitchen to create a pass-through provides some of the benefits of an island without taking up any additional space. 
  • Relocate appliances like your range or refrigerator if they are blocking counter space or limiting your cabinet space. 
  • Merge the kitchen and dining areas into one by adding multi-use spaces like an island. 

Consider working with an experienced home remodeler during the process. Their knowledge can help you determine the best remodeling strategy to make the most of your small kitchen space. 

When remodeling your kitchen for space, also consider upgrading the visual features of your kitchen. It will make the space feel larger and more inviting. White cabinetry and lighter kitchen countertop colors create a fresh look. These can give the illusion of a larger kitchen space.

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