Buy Sir Walter Turf In Sydney

Most Australians are familiar with Sir Walter premium lawn turf, thanks in part to a highly effective marketing campaign and in part to its evident benefits for Australian soil and climate.

Sir Walter was developed in Australia and, in comparison to other buffalos, has exceptional drought tolerance. It’s a dark-green buffalo with a velvety texture.

Buy Sir Walter turf in Sydney as it has endured the test of time, demonstrating time and time again that it will grow and go wherever it is planted. Purchasing Buffalo Turf Australia will provide you with a fantastic lawn for:

  • Tolerance for shade
  • Resistance to weeds
  • Tolerance to drought
  • Resistance to wear
  • needs for upkeep

This species was developed in Australia and is ideal for coastal places such as Sydney and Wollongong, as well as interior areas such as Camden and the Southern Highlands. Sir Walter was raised to be rough but robust, as well as attractive.

Over 50 million meters of Sir Walter have been sold in Australia since 1997, the equivalent of 350,000 homes. There’s no comparison to purchasing Sir Walter turf because you’ll be in good company!

Australian family playing ball


You’re not simply buying a new lawn when you buy Sir Walter turf; you’re buying a new way of life.

Gone will be the days of playing backyard footy and getting a knee full of bindii, or diving for that spectacular catch only to get a mouthful of dirt.

Sir Walter is lush and green, featuring features such as:

  • a compact growth pattern that keeps most weeds at bay
  • the ability to quickly heal itself when injured, resulting in fewer exposed patches

Sir Walter gives your lawn a rich, verdant appearance that other cultivars don’t.

You’ll also realize how much more pleasurable mowing is because the end product will always surprise you. Taking pleasure in your Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn is simple!

Family playing on sir Walter turf


Sir Walter’s roots reach deep into the subsoil, where they collect water. Around your home, a Sir Walter lawn can minimize the heat created by the sun by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

There are many various Buffalo kinds of grass on the market, but none have been able to beat Sir Walter in terms of ticking all the appropriate boxes.


A Lawn Solutions Australia Certificate of Warranty will be provided with every Sir Walter purchase, no matter how large or small. The authenticity of Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf is guaranteed by this certificate.

Your purchase of Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo will also be covered by our nationwide guarantee as a member of the Lawn Solutions Australia family of companies. Discover the advantages of purchasing from an LSA-accredited farmer.


Final Thoughts

For grass that can withstand the summer and winter seasons, you should buy Sir Walter turf. It is a low-maintenance grass that requires less water and spraying than other grasses to keep its color all year. It also necessitates less mowing, is less invasive, is less susceptible to fungus and herbicides, and is softer to play on than other buffalos. Sir Walter is a wonderful addition to any garden.

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