Why Do Experts Recommend Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Sydney?

A good-looking lawn could be a game-changer for your house. They not just add scenic beauty to the home but can be a great place to gather and throw parties. Sir Walter Buffalo turf Sydney has mastered Buffalo Turf’s craft and has conquered the hearts of the Sydney people. So what makes Sir Walter turfs even great to experts? You can find out when you Click This Link!

Sir Walter buffalo turf
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What Is a Turf?

Before we jump the gun and get to Sir Walter, let us first clear it for everyone what is a turf exactly and what they should expect from Sir Walter Buffalo Turf. Turf, when simply put, is grass. It is harvested in such a way that it can roll and be laid at different places. It is not fake and actually real grass held by its small roots in the soil.

What Is Sir Walter Buffalo Turf?

Who is Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, and why is it the most recommended turf in Sydney? Sir Walter is one of Australia’s most loved turf providers to answer the first question. To some, they are the benchmark of turf standards regarding quality, pricing, and year-round wellbeing. Now let’s answer the latter question.

Why Do Experts Recommend Sir Walter Buffalo Turf? 

Ideal For the Sydney Weather

Sir Walter Turf is DNA Certified, and they have achieved so by delivering the turf that is ideal for the Sydney weather. Grass, which cannot last year long, is not ideal. Sir Walter Buffalo Turf promises to stick with you throughout the year without any issue. It can survive in:

·         Sun

·         Extreme Heat Waves

·         Shade (even if it’s partly)

·         Salt

·         Drought

·         Frost

Australian weather

Year-Round Wellbeing

As we mentioned above, Sir Walter Turf can survive almost anything, which is why it successfully provides you beautiful year-round turf for your house. Here are some key features that help the turf in its survival:

·         Grows with shade – Even without hours of sunlight, the grass can grow. However, it needs 3 hours of sunlight, and that’s it.

·         Tight growth habit – The turf can crowd out any sort of weeds.

·         Self-repair quality – It has the ability to heal itself if it is damaged in some way.

·         Not very vulnerable – It does not easily get damaged from pests.

·         Can resist diseases – It stays clear of any diseases more than any other variety.

·         Low maintenance – Enjoy as much as you want because the maintenance needs are very little.

Perfect For the Sydney Life

Turfs are beautiful, relaxing, and a golden spot in your house. Sydney’s life is all about working and partying, which is why Sir Walter Turf is the best. After a long hard day, walk on the turf and relax. You can throw parties on it while the children play. It’s like a custom backyard that you can flip and lay wherever you want in your house.

Australian family playing ball

Amp Your House’s Value

Turfs are not just spending but an investment if you plan it right. The price difference between a normal house and a house with turf is quite a lot, and you can’t miss out on that opportunity. If you wish to sell your house someday in the future, you can assure yourself that you will get a better deal than most because of the turf and what it brings. It adds beauty to the house while being useful at the same time. It’s not just eye-candy but an investment to savor for years.


Sir Walter Buffalo Turf has served more than 350,000 homes. The undisputed king of turfs in Sydney is surely Sir Walter, and experts think the same too. Sir Walter is where you go if it’s about the turf.

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