Simple Ways To Add Style To Your Home

Are you looking for ways to add style to your home?

Finding the right balance between functionality, comfort, and style seems hard when decorating our homes. No matter how much you spend on furniture, your rooms can still feel as though they’re missing something. They look nothing like the perfect spaces we see in the magazines.

Sometimes, this can be resolved with a few simple tricks, like understanding why you need window treatments, that only take a few minutes and don’t need you to spend much money. Read through these tips to find out how you make your home look more stylish. 

Glass table with tulips in a vase

Treat The Front Door The Same As Inside

Don’t overlook the first impression of your home, even if you live in an apartment building. Treating the entrance with the same attention as the inside is a good way to add style.

Put something outside, like a seasonal wreath or decorations, or update your house number sign. Plants are a good idea, as long as they get enough light. 

Display Stuff In Threes

The rule of three is used a lot in decorating and styling. Displaying a trio seems to be more appealing to the eye and more balance, especially when sizes, heights, and materials bring some variety. 

Start small by testing this trick in a corner, and then apply it to different areas in the house. Don’t overdo it, or the effect won’t come across as well. 

Charger plate with three vases

Layer Your Carpets and Rugs

Professionals use this trick as a way to save money on client projects or to cheat on magazine shoots. Not only does this method cost less to bring a room together, but it also doesn’t deprive you of getting the pattern you love, even if you can’t find the right size of rug. It’s also a great way to test how you feel about a bolder choice, and it makes the whole room feel cozier and more stylish. 

Start by layering a small bold rug on top of a bigger neutral carpet or rug.

Stack Your Books In Alternative Ways

While the usual vertical or slightly titled stack in bookshelves is common in most homes, alternative placement for your books is a bolder style. 

Try alternating between vertical and horizontal book piles on your shelves. Horizontal stacks will break the pattern of the vertical lines on your shelves and add some more visual interest. It will make it easier to style the shelves with additional objects too. Just make sure the rhythm is random and the same all over, as it defeats the purpose by creating a rigid pattern that is too heavy on the eye. 

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