Make the Most of the Simple Pleasures When Homesteading

Homesteading has the potential to be one of the most fulfilling things that you ever do with your life. While most people are thoroughly at the beck and call of others, by running your own plot of land, providing for your own food, and maybe even generating your own income off of your land, you will experience a degree of autonomy that most people could never even dream of while staring longingly out of their cubicles.


That’s the good stuff about homesteading, but of course, homesteading isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and anyone who ever told you that it was has a lot to answer for. There will be sleepless nights. There will be inevitable problems that seem completely random and that make you want to scream. You’re going to find that getting away to party in the city or have a tropical island vacation, is a far trickier proposition than it used to be before you got into the lifestyle.


For all these reasons, it’s really important for any homesteader who wants to stay sane to become adept at spotting and appreciating the small and simple pleasures in life.


Without further ado, here are some of those small pleasures when homesteading that you should take the time to make the most of.

simple pleasures when homesteading



Make the Most of the Simple Pleasures When Homesteading




A comfy bed


Sleep is one of the most important things people do, although we often don’t think of it that way. Recent researchers have found that a good night’s sleep boosts your health, mood, mental performance, and just makes you a better version of you.


Sleep deprivation does the opposite.


So, don’t put up with mediocre sleep if you can avoid it. Invest in some really comfy sheets, like those offered by PeachSkinSheets, and let every moment you spend in bed be a blissful one.

simple pleasures when homesteading


The sense of accomplishment at the end of a long day


People sometimes underestimate just how much the sense of accomplishment after a hard day’s work can transform their lives and mood for the better.


Rest assured, though, whether you’re a millionaire entrepreneur who’s just landed a major contract, or are a homesteader who has crossed off all the daily to-dos in order to keep things moving along smoothly, the sense of satisfaction is, for all intents and purposes, the same, and justifies all the struggle.


Take pride in every hard task you successfully complete, and revel in the small feelings of accomplishment from day to day. It’ll keep you going.



The beauty of nature, sunrise, and sunset


Nature is beautiful, and studies have shown that people who live in rural environments — and even those who just get a decent amount of exposure to trees on a daily basis — have improved health and wellbeing over those who inhabit the concrete jungle.


As a homesteader, even if you’re not in the scenic heart of the countryside, you will be experiencing nature on a regular basis. Sunrise and sunset. A crop successfully being harvested. Animals giving birth.

simple pleasures when homesteading


Try to cultivate a genuine appreciation for the wonders of nature and the simple poetic beauty that exists in the natural world. Tell me in the comments below the simple pleasures you enjoy when homesteading.


Homesteading has the potential to be one of the most fulfilling things that you ever do with your life.


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