5 Simple Home Improvements That Will Make A Big Impact

We all need a change sometimes. Simple home improvements can offer a sense of personal satisfaction, make your house feel more homely and when done well, can even add value to your property. But is it possible to make simple home improvements without spending a lot of cash? Well, actually… yes!


Here are five top tips for simple home improvements that are easy to do and won’t break the bank!


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5 Simple Home Improvements That Will Make A Big Impact


Go Green


It’s scientifically proven that houseplants are good for your mental health. By releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, plants freshen up the air we breathe and remove harmful toxins. Research also suggests that they improve concentration and productivity and reduce stress levels. So by kitting your home out with indoor plants, you will not only improve the space but also your mood.


Aesthetically, plants can offer color, texture, character, and depth to a room. When selecting plants for your home, consider their care and living conditions as well as what they offer aesthetically. For example, some plants will do better in direct sunlight and humidity, others may not.


Choose plants of different shapes and sizes and when grouping them together. Do so in odd numbers and play around with different sizes and types. With pots, you can use the same color to create uniformity or play around with different colors and textures for an eclectic finish.


If you’re stuck for space, consider a vertical garden or hanging potted plants on the wall. Having plants at different heights and levels will also add texture and depth to your home.


Going green is a fantastic way to embrace nature. In fact, you could go a step further and start embracing plants in order to become self-sustainable. Why not spruce up your space and save some money at the same time by creating a vertical herb garden? It won’t take up any floor space. It will add a pop of green and a lovely smell to your home. Another leap towards sustainable environment would be installing the solar panel roofing to your house to contribute your bit by saving energy and using it wisely.


simple home improvements


Re-vamp & Re-purpose


Why waste money on brand new furniture when you can work with what you already have? If you’ve got a few wooden chairs lying around, why not paint them for a pop of color? It’s inexpensive and it adds character and warmth to space for virtually no cost at all.


In fact, you can get as creative as you like with re-purposing old furniture and other items. You could use old wooden crates and boxes to create tables, seats or even storage. Or you could paint an old ladder to create a stylish shelving unit. You could turn old wine bottles into pendant lamps, make a clock out of an old bike wheel, turn an old bathtub into a sofa and all sorts of other wonderful things for your house. Or, if you’re not that creative or handy, you could simply recover an old sofa or even just re-cover your cushions for a new spin on existing furniture.


Re-purposing and up-cycling is a fantastic way to give your home a unique look and it’s also a great way to de-clutter and create some extra space by repurposing old rubbish!


simple home improvements


Get Creative With Space


When doing simple home improvements on your home, try to make the most out of the space you have. Think Ikea… multi-purpose and multi-function.


By getting creative with the space that you have, you can actually end up giving yourself a lot more space to work with. For example, you could turn the area under your stairs into an office with shelving and a desk. Or turn an alcove into a feature by adding some shelves and hanging potted plants. Need a place to store a surfboard? Why not hang a stand on the wall and turn it into a feature?


Capitalize on your kitchen space with roll-out cabinets and make the most of your bedroom by using underneath the bed as storage space using roll-out drawers or crates. Cramped for space around the hob? Install a rail or two on your kitchen walls and hang pans, mugs, and utensils from them with hooks. Add handy shelving into small nooks like above a doorway, under stairs or in small alcoves. Remember to utilize vertical space as well as floor space!


simple home improvements


Get Painting


One way to completely transform the look and feel of a space is to paint the walls. Sage is currently trending in bathrooms as it creates a sense of tranquillity whilst can offer a daring pop of color to a living space. Ocean blue can also offer a rich and elegant feel whilst a pop of black on one wall can make a room look sleek and modern. Yellow is also quite popular at the moment and can add brightness to a room. But if you’re too scared to commit to yellow walls, why not opt for pops of yellow in your furniture?


Or, if you don’t fancy opting for a bold color, why not just spruce up what you already have? You’d be surprised what a bit of sugar scrub will do to tired looking paint!


simple home improvements


Move Around


Another way to revamp your home without spending a cent is by re-arranging your furniture. You’d be surprised at how just moving things around will create a different feel to space. Don’t be afraid to throw things away (or give some to charity) and de-clutter! You can also move furniture from room to room to mix things up a bit.


Simple home improvements don’t have to be costly! In fact, if you’re not afraid to get creative and work with what you already have, you can transform your home for very little or no money at all.


Simple home improvements don’t have to be costly! In fact, if you’re not afraid to get creative and work with what you already have, you can transform your home for very little or no money at all.



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