3 Simple Reasons Showers are Better Than Baths

When it comes to creating the perfect bathroom, there’s much debate over whether a shower or a bathtub is best. Many people are settling on both (presuming they have enough space) as a shower and bathtub have completely different vibes about them. Of course, the fundamental objective remains the same. Both are used to wash and cleanse your body. Yet a shower is an efficient way to get clean. Whereas a bathtub has a more relaxing and nurturing comfort to it.

The showers vs. baths debate has been going on for some time and has even been known to cause divorce inducing arguments between partners. Whilst there are many other considerations than bathtubs and shower doors when it comes to creating your ideal bathroom, it’s a fundamental decision and one that needs some consideration. Let’s find out why showers are much better than baths.



3 Simple Reasons Showers are Better Than Baths



In this article, we’re going to weight up the pros and cons of showers and baths by looking at a number of different questions:




Showers tend to be regarded as better for your skin. This is on the basis that being submerged in dirty water is not great for your pores. Whereas, showers, supply a constant supply of fresh water that drains from your body very quickly.
There’s pros and cons when it comes to the wrinkling associated with being in a bathtub too long. Some would argue it’s good for the skin whilst others complain of itchiness as a result of being in the bath too long. There’s also evidence to suggest prolonged lounging in a bath can lead to dry skin.

In summary, showers seem to be winning this one.






In reality, both do a fantastic job at making you clean. There tends to be a cleaner sensation to be had in showering. A bath tends to leave you feeling coated in a layer of residual soap and shampoo. This means many people choose to have a bath and then get in the shower to rinse the bathwater off them.

Indeed, this process of showering off after being in a soap bathtub is recommended by many dermatologists. This is because the soap that sticks to the body could dry it out. Therefore, on this level, there’s no clear winner in terms of which makes you “cleaner”. But it’s clear that showers appear to be better for your skin on the basis of soap sticking to your skin.






This one’s an interesting one. A bath can be pimped up with wonderful products to create a comforting and luxurious feel. Throw in a few candles, and some tranquil music and you have a mini spa experience in your own bathroom.

Showers, on the other hand, can create a more energizing and revitalizing feeling. That tends to be more appropriate for efficiently getting ready in the morning to go to work.






In summary, showers seem to be technically better for your skin. Though the two have very different purposes. In terms of the emotional nature of each, meaning, if you can it would be recommended to get both a bathtub and a shower; even if it’s just a shower over your bath.


There is much debate over showers and baths. But which of the two is better for your health_


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