Separation Anxiety And What You Can Do About It

separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is an all-too-real affliction for dogs. Anyone who has a dog with it can be sure of that. Some dogs simply get so attached to their own that they have an intense emotional reaction to being apart from them, even for short periods of time. Then, when the owner comes back, they overreact, often barking, whining, and scratching. But it is manageable and here are a few ways to manage it.


separation anxiety


Separation Anxiety And What You Can Do About It





Skip the overreactions


Dogs are very good at reading the emotions and the demeanor of their human owners. Often, they reflect it back at them. If an owner shows an air of aggression or nervousness when walking, the dog might react similarly. The same goes for when you say goodbye and hello when leaving and entering the home. An effective way of training them to stop separation anxiety is simply by leaving without making eye contact or speaking to them. Similarly, when you get back, sit down and have some time to settle before giving them attention. If you reward their attention-seeking behavior, they are only more likely to repeat it.


separation anxiety


Make sure they get attention and exercise


If your dog doesn’t have all that energy pent up, then they are less likely to react so physically when you come back from a trip out of the home. You should always be aware of how much walking your dog needs, as shown at Wag Walking. In particular, you might want to take them for a walk that’s on the longer side of what they can handle before you leave the home. They’re more likely to be snoozing comfy in their own bed by the time you get back.


separation anxiety



Take them with you


It may not be a long-term solution but if you feel bad about leaving your dog behind, you can simply take them with you. If a leash wouldn’t be appropriate, then browse K9 Sport Sack to see if a carrier bag might work better. The long-term issue should be addressed, but you can help them maintain a calmer emotional state for short trips if you’re simply willing to bring them with you.


separation anxiety


Leave some background noise


If you can simulate some company for the dog, it can help them feel less alone, meaning that their separation anxiety might not be as present. One way that has proven surprisingly effective, demonstrated by Cesar’s Way, is leaving an audiobook on. The presence of a human voice calms them. However, silence can make them more edgy and worried. Crate training can help, as can leaving toys for them to chew on. If neither of them does the trick, however, then an audiobook might just the solution that you have been looking for.



Some dog breeds are simply more prone to separation anxiety, so there might not be a way to prevent the problem but there are ways to treat it. If you want to avoid it altogether, then you need to research the breed you’re buying first. Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? What treatments do you use to curb this problem? Please share your comments below.


Tips and tricks for dealing with separation anxiety in your dog



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  1. I have done all of this with my dog Chopper! I personally most times find it easier to take him with me! Just one problem, now he is getting so old it is hard for him to travel so much ( he cant get in the car him self and it hurts him to get lifted). I love my dog but yeah i walk out the room for 2 minutes to smoke and he is barking his head off!

    1. Author

      I had a canine friend like that and I am sure that due to his age and always being with you he has made it a habit so he probably can’t be broke of it now. However, you may have learned a great lesson for the next pup! Good luck to you in the future!

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