How To Separate Your Living Room From Your Homestead

Though you might not expect it, creating a home is one of the hardest parts about life on a homestead. When you’re living off the land and working around your house, it can be difficult to separate your living room from your homestead and set clear boundaries. Before you know, your home life and work days could become so entwined that there’s no difference between them. While this is fine when you’re starting your journey, it could lead to burnout if you aren’t careful.

We all need that feeling of ‘coming home’ after a long day at work. This is especially the case if you’re completing physical tasks from dawn until dusk. You need to be able to kick back and give yourself a break at least once a day. Especially if you want to keep on top with this routine for long. Sadly, work in a homestead has an annoying habit of creeping into your house itself. And, when that happens, it becomes near enough impossible to relax. Your mind won’t be able to switch off if there’s work all around you. If things get bad enough, there won’t even be any room for you to sit down in the evenings.

When this happens, your living room could well start to resemble a livestock store. With no chance of sitting there for even a short amount of time, you’ll have no choice but to head straight to bed and do the whole thing again tomorrow. This is no way to live, and it’s past time you reclaimed your living room for its intended purpose. You need to separate your living room from your homestead!

To help you do that, we’re going to look at where you’re going wrong at the moment, and what you can do to change that.



How To Separate Your Living Room From Your Homestead

You’ve given your living room over to stock

Running a homestead requires a whole load of stock. You’ll need equipment to care for the land and keep your animals ticking over. You’ll even need things like safety gear and outfits for yourself and any workers. And, while you have a whole load of land on your hands, storing all that stuff can get tricky. If you’ve given all your barns over to animals, you won’t be able to stock anything in them. And, your attic and basement spaces will only fit so much.

Your living room may seem like the next obvious option. But, even if you convince yourself this is temporary, it could fast get out of control. The moment you break that home/work boundary, you may as well kiss goodbye to relaxing in this space. Lucky for you, the solution here is simple.

You need to separate your living room from your homestead. You need to clear out every last piece of equipment. This is a living room for a reason. If you’re stuck for space, plan the building of a new barn. Whatever you do, keep these things well clear of your home interior.

You’re letting boundaries slide

If you have staff working on your homestead, it’s essential you design a clear strategy about where they’re allowed to go. If you’ve let this slide until now, your staff members can walk into your living room on a whim and ask you work questions. Let’s be honest; you aren’t going to be able to relax if you have to keep your boss head on at all times. You may even avoid sitting the way you usually would because of this risk of intrusion. Don’t let it happen.

Instead, separate your living room from your homestead areas. Let your team know that they can phone you or knock on the door if they need something urgently. Other than that, make it clear that they aren’t to enter your house without permission. Just like that, you’ll find that your living room becomes a whole lot more relaxing than it has been until now.

You haven’t made any effort to create a cozy space

When you live on a homestead, there’s always something else which needs doing. From the moment you move in, it’ll be all hands on deck to keep things ticking over. It’s no surprise, then, that you haven’t had time to make your living room cozy. Heck, you haven’t even had a chance to buy any new furniture for space. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why you don’t feel comfortable when you spend time here. This is yet another reason to separate your living room from your homestead activities.

There are probably even boxes you never unpacked after moving, and you’ve been here for over a year by now! You need to address this as soon as possible. Your best bet for doing that would be to clear the space and start again. Finally, clear those boxes you never bothered with. Read sofa reviews like those found at to ensure you start buying furniture you can relax on. In short; work on creating a cozy space. Taking care of even a few things is sure to see you with a space you can’t resist spending time in.

You don’t have a single accessory


As important as those big cozy pieces are, you’ll struggle to feel really at home in a room without accessories. Your blank walls and empty shelves are part of the reason why you don’t gravitate towards this room. And, that’s the reason why you should head to sites like to learn all about accessorizing. You won’t believe how much of a difference these small touches can make to your living room on the whole.

Incorporating things like wall art and ornaments can go a considerable way towards making this blank space feel like home. Having these comforting additions around also ensures that you put the working day behind you the moment you enter this space. Bear in mind, of course, that cluttering a room is as bad as not accessorizing at all. Work hard, then, on getting the balance right. If you achieve that goal, you’ll soon find that you can’t wait to finish work outside each day. And, you’ll find that you feel a whole lot more refreshed when you wake up each morning. That’s the way to homestead happiness.

Now you are well on your way to having a more cozy and private living room because you have learned to separate your living room from your homestead. Are you excited to have your personal space back? You will in the long run.

When you’re living off the land it can be difficult to draw clear boundaries. You must separate your living room from your homestead.

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