Seniors Starting Homesteading: Making Their Dreams Come True

Once you reach retirement age, you can start living your dream lifestyle as a homesteader. For aspiring homesteaders, retirement is the time in life when you can purchase a suitable property and be self-sustainable. Recent world events have made seniors starting homesteading pretty common. It has already been a more popular lifestyle choice for many people. You can find a property that works for you, your family, and your guests. These tips from can show you how.

Seniors farming

Find the Right Land

The key to being a successful homesteader is having the right plot of land that can support you and your goals. Beginners can get everything they need to be self-sufficient with as little as five acres of land.

Check Auctions and Tax Sales

The next challenge is finding land for sale that is big enough to support this type of lifestyle. Seniors starting homesteading also need to find something within their budget. You’ll need to be creative when searching for a homesteading plot of land. Consider checking real estate auctions, tax sales, or commercial offerings. Drive through rural communities to scout out potential land parcels.

Act Fast to Get the Best Options

You also have to move quickly when trying to buy a property and land for homesteading. In some cases, you may have to buy a property before selling your current home. You may be able to request an extended closing period if the timeline for selling your current home is tight.

Land for sale

Set Up Water and Septic

Suitable homesteading properties should also have enough square footage for various types of spaces, such as playrooms, workshops, and a garage. Additionally, many properties for homesteading or farming may also require you to set up your own utilities, water, and septic service.

Add Sustainable Features

Homesteading emphasizes building a self-sufficient lifestyle. When you find the right property, you can work to add sustainable design features, such as rain barrels for irrigation, solar panels for power, and environmentally friendly materials. 

Farm Your Land

Growing your own food is another part of homesteading. You’ll have to plan out your farming strategy and consider getting help with the process. This is especially true for seniors starting homesteading. Learn more about what fruits and vegetables are in season in your area to help you choose what to plant.

Local farm harvest

Turn Your Homestead into a Business

Retired homesteaders can also turn their new hobby into some extra cash with a business. Write a business plan as your first step toward success. Give details about your company, explain your products or services, outline your business structure, and indicate how your business will get the funds to start along with how it will make a profit. Possible homesteading business ideas include selling produce, offering animal products, making crafts, running a blog, or providing baked goods.

Business cards are a great way to promote your homesteading business and can help you create an impression with potential customers. With a well-designed business card, you can make a memorable statement that will stand out from the competition.

There are plenty of free online business card design generators available for use. These allow you to quickly create a professional and stylish design for your business cards. Utilizing these tools is an easy and cost-effective way to get the word out about your homesteading business. And you can market yourself properly.

Bring in Farm Animals

Living off of your land means you will also need farm animals to help provide butter, milk, and other raw materials. Consider keeping chickens on your property to get fresh eggs each day to cook or to sell.

The number of people who keep backyard chickens increased to 13% in 2020 and continues to be popular among homesteaders.

Backyard chickens

Understand Local Zoning Laws

When you decide to take the plunge and live the homesteading lifestyle, make sure you understand what your local area’s zoning laws allow. Before buying a property and setting it up to be sustainable, consult local regulations for farming, livestock, sustainable energy, and other factors so you don’t have any expensive surprises.

Homesteading can be a rewarding way to live as a retired person. You can embark on a new adventure in your senior years, discover how resourceful you can be, and even start your own business.

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