What Is The Minimum You Need To Do Before Selling A Home?

Selling a home can feel overwhelming. There’s always so much to do and think about, even if the sale itself might feel like it should be easy. You’ll have to plan carefully. Pay special attention to even the smallest details if you want to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to do everything you might have planned to do when it comes to getting your home ready to sell. Whether this is due to time restraints, financial shortages, or just because you don’t know how to do what needs to be done, you mustn’t get stressed about things.

In fact, the best thing you can do is work out what the minimum is that you need to do. Focus on that. Then, if there’s time left to do more, you can do it.

With this in mind, read on to find out more about what the minimum is so you can plan to ensure it gets done. 

House for sale with a sign

Enhance Your Curb Appeal 

First impressions are incredibly important when it comes to selling your home. Making sure your home has good curb appeal is crucial. It should definitely be a priority.

When your home looks good on the outside, more people will want to come and see the inside. That improves your chances of getting an offer and selling. 

Start by tidying up your front yard by mowing the lawn. Plant some colorful flowers, and trim the shrubs and bushes. If you have a gate and fence, this might need to be repainted along with your front doo. Your driveway and paths may need to be jet washed to make them look good. 

House with curb appeal

Add Energy Efficient Items 

Even if you don’t want to do much DIY to get your home ready to sell, it’s a good idea to focus on making your property more energy efficient if you can. This is something that’s becoming more and more important to buyers.

It could be the thing that makes them want to buy your home over and above someone else’s. Plus, by making a few upgrades, you might even be able to improve the value of your home, helping you sell it for more. 

You can easily replace your light bulbs with energy efficient LED ones, for example. You can install low flow shower-heads and toilet flushes.

Make sure the insulation is in a good state of repair and replace it if you need to. You can add weatherstrips to your windows to reduce any drafts.

However, one of the best things to do is to install solar panels. This is because not only will this make your home a lot more energy efficient, but potential buyers will be able to see it right away.

Speak to a solar panel company in Tampa to find out what you need to do. This could be the perfect way to help sell your home. 

Solar panels on the roof

Declutter And Depersonalize 

When a potential buyer steps into your home, they need to be able to imagine themselves, their family, and all their possessions living there. It might seem as though you wouldn’t be able to help with this, but the truth is you can.

If you declutter and depersonalize as much as possible, you should be able to clear your home enough to make it easier for someone to imagine their things in place of yours. 

The good news is that you don’t have to throw out the things you’re moving (unless you feel this is a good idea). Instead, you can box them up and store them in a garage or even a storage unit. This way, you’ll get on top of your packing while also making your home more presentable and sellable.

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