Many of us are doing our best when it comes to reducing our environmental impact. We’re using less electricity and water then we used to, are opting to buy locally produced goods, and are all-around living in homes that have a smaller carbon footprint than regular homes. Yet while theseContinue Reading

The Self-Reliance Challenge: Goals and Plans

Have you heard about the Self-Reliance Challenge? It’s all about taking 30 days to become more self-reliant during the month of May! Well, we at 15 Acre Homestead have decided to join the challenge! We have always been trying to find ways to make our homestead more self-reliant and weContinue Reading

Self-Reliant Challenge

Self-Reliance Challenge 30 Days to a More Self-Reliant Life   Starting May 1, 2018, thru June 1, 2018         Join Our 31 Day Self Reliance Challenge I’m joining some amazing bloggers on a quest to be more self-reliant for the month of May!   Nancy:  Nancy on theContinue Reading