The idea of being self-sufficient is not new. The increase in energy prices and household stress has brought back the natural desire for self-sufficiency. Coming from a past that is almost forgotten, when centuries ago families would care for their food and needs, going off-grid can be appealing. For anyoneContinue Reading

looking back

Well, the self-reliant challenge has come to an end. Almost 5 weeks of setting goals and working towards being more self-reliant have been quite a learning experience. The final result is much different than I thought it would be. Looking back at the last 5 weeks I realized many newContinue Reading

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law? It states; “Anything that can go wrong, shall.” This seems to be the rule of thumb for our homestead this week. Homesteading is full of challenges right. You know how it goes, just when you have a plan and think you have it goingContinue Reading