going green

Protecting the environment has become more important than ever due to increasingly serious environmental concerns. Faced with global warming, reduced natural resources, and increased energy costs, both homeowners and business owners are implementing eco-friendly solutions, in addition to adopting green habits. Introducing these changes into your own life and homeContinue Reading

energy-saving kitchen

Kitchens are most commonly the biggest energy wasters in any home. The reason is that they are filled with numerous appliances of varying energy-efficiency. Some of which work pretty much non-stop. The other reason is our behavior. While making sure that our kitchens are equipped with high-quality, energy-efficient appliances is definitelyContinue Reading

reduce your waste

All dedicated homesteaders know the value of a self-sufficient lifestyle. You won’t find many homesteaders waiting in line at the supermarket. Many homesteaders don’t take their trash to the dump. The homesteading way means that we never buy when we can make, never shop when we can grow and neverContinue Reading