When You Should Seek Legal Representation

Do you need legal representation? You might think the answer is simple when you ask yourself this question. But in reality, the answer is often a bit more nuanced.

Even if you aren’t planning on filing a lawsuit against someone or handling your own legal issues, there are some situations where it may make sense to seek legal counsel from an attorney. This article discusses various circumstances where you should consider hiring a lawyer so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

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In some cases, you may need a lawyer even if you don’t plan to file a lawsuit against another party or defend yourself in a criminal trial. If you have questions regarding your rights, or are facing a situation where you will have to navigate a legal process, it may make sense to consult with legal representation.

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You may find out that you don’t actually require a lawyer. But that having a consultation with an attorney can help you make more informed decisions.

There are many times in your life when you may want to consult with an attorney. But don’t need them to represent you in court. This can be helpful if you find yourself in a situation where you need to protect your rights but don’t want to file a lawsuit or face criminal charges.


Motor Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common reasons people seek legal counsel. There are certain situations where you are required to hire an attorney to handle your claim. Having legal representation is recommended if the accident resulted in serious injury or death. This applies even if the other driver is fully insured. You may want to consider a wrongful death lawyer in Los Angeles to help you when an individual is killed in an accident.

When injuries are minor, there is an option to handle the case yourself through what is known as a PIP claim. This is a no-fault type of claim, meaning it isn’t necessary to identify who was at fault in the accident.

If you decide to file a PIP claim, you will be responsible for handling the paperwork and dealing with your insurance company. However, if you choose to hire an attorney, they will handle the PIP claim for you.

This can be helpful if you find yourself overwhelmed by the process. Some insurance companies are notorious for denying PIP claims. Hiring an attorney can help ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Make sure to hire a reputable law firm like Dennis Hernandez & Associates, who’ll represent your needs properly.

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Employment Disputes

If you are being wrongfully terminated by your employer or are otherwise facing a dispute with your employer, you may wish to seek legal representation from a reputable wrongful termination attorney in your area. In most cases, federal and state law requires employers to provide you with a reason for being fired. This doesn’t always happen, however. While you may have a legal right to fight being fired, navigating the process alone can be difficult. 

One of the most common reasons people hire an attorney is to fight discrimination in the workplace. If you believe you are being discriminated against, you may wish to seek legal counsel. This is especially important if you feel that your employer is violating the law and that your job is in danger.

In addition, if you are fighting a wrongful termination, discrimination, or another employment dispute, an attorney can help you navigate the process. And ensure that your rights are upheld.


You may be responsible for filing taxes if you own a small business. Many people are able to file their taxes on their own. There are some situations where hiring an accountant or getting legal representation makes sense. This is particularly true if you run a small business with complex taxes. 

Taxes can be complicated. If you are audited by the IRS or owe more than $1,000 in taxes, you will be required to pay an accountant to represent you. If you own a small business and have questions or concerns about your taxes, you should consult with an accountant or lawyer.

You don’t want a tax accident and owe more than you can pay. This can be helpful in situations where you are unsure how to navigate specific tax laws. Or are concerned about potential penalties you could face if you make a mistake.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is something that everyone should consider. If you have property or other assets, you may wish to consult with legal representation regarding your estate plan. And if you have minor children, an estate plan can help ensure that they receive your property in the future. Remember, if you pass away without an estate plan, the court will distribute your assets in a way that benefits the general population. 

An attorney can help you create a will or other type of estate plan if you wish to distribute your assets in a way that benefits your family. This can be important for people who want to make sure that their assets go to the people they want them to go to.

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Real Estate Disputes

If you are facing a real estate dispute, then it’s definitely a good idea to hire legal representation. This can be particularly helpful if you are buying or selling real estate, especially if you are disagreeing with the other party or agent. It can also be useful to hire a local advisor who understands local laws and regulations, so if you live in Toronto, you may want to take a look at these trusted legal advisors for Toronto real estate. This should ensure access to valuable local knowledge, so if you live elsewhere, look for somebody similar in your area.

Real estate disputes often have to go through the court system. Hiring an attorney can help you best navigate the process. Real estate disputes are often complex and can be challenging to navigate without the help of a lawyer.

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Legal issues can come up in every part of life. And you may find that you need legal representation. Or that you simply wish to speak with an attorney to get advice and better understand your rights. Be sure to consider the legal advice and recommendations of experts in the legal field such as Alex Gotch.

If you do have a legal issue, remember that you have rights. You don’t have to handle your own legal matters and can speak with an attorney for legal advice.

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