5 Important Security Trends to Be On the Lookout For in 2021

Thanks to the global pandemic, men and women are spending more time at home than they normally do. This has led to them making changes in their residence, and experts predict these security trends will continue in 2021. Many people expect to see numerous advancements in the areas of smart security and home automation. Security experts believe the following five areas will be hot topics this year when it comes to security trends.

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Increased Home Security

Property crime rates stalled in 2019, according to the FBI’s “Crime in the United States 2019” report. However, those crimes still cost Americans $15.8 billion that year. With the global pandemic and social unrest that continue to plague the country, people remain concerned about their security.

Additionally, more men and women work from home, and this trend is also expected to continue. As a result, they are increasing their home security, recognizing they may not be as focused on situational awareness when they are in the comfort of their residence. With an armed security system, they can focus on other things rather than their home security.

Experts predict the home security systems market will reach $78.9 billion in the next four years, and people can learn more about this increase at Action Lock Doc. Most individuals see their home security as a necessity and continue to pay for it even when they are having money problems. They choose professionally monitored systems to protect their home, their loved ones, and their possessions. It doesn’t appear that the current home security trends will be changing any time soon.

Moreover, one home security trend that has soared in popularity in recent years is the use of smart gate entry systems. Put simply, whether you live within a gated property, or in an apartment or condo, installing a smart gate ensures that only authorized guests are able to enter the property. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see what other apartment access control measures are developed in the future in accordance with the rising popularity of smart home security technology.

Changing Technology Ecosystems

The current security trends show that individuals want integration when it comes to their day-to-day devices. A person doesn’t purchase Apple AirPods to use with the Samsung device, as they know they won’t work together. Smart home design needs to ensure all included devices are integrated for the best results. Smart home automation and security systems must work together for the optimal customer experience.

To simplify their lives, homeowners want a single solution and find that solution in smart home security platforms. These platforms bring together whole-home protection systems in a single app that also allows them to control their smart home features. The homeowner finds they receive protection against a variety of threats, such as water, fire, and intrusion. With the same platform, they can lock and unlock their doors remotely, turn lights on or off, and control the thermostat. These security trends will definitely continue through 2021 and beyond.

Consumers determine which devices add value to their lives and eliminate those that don’t integrate with these devices. Doing so makes their lives more manageable. Furthermore, they find it easier to customize the platform and devices they keep and expand on them in the future. Companies that help them achieve these goals will see growth.

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Health Bubbles

Health bubbles appeared in 2020 thanks to the global pandemic. In fact, many people today remain unaware of this term, yet benefit from these bubbles regularly. Often referred to as a person’s social or COVID bubble, the individual’s health bubble is those people they spend time with during the global pandemic and accompanying lockdowns. The bubble doesn’t include people from their households, but others they get together with. They feel confident knowing these people abide by the same preventative measures and safety protocols they do, reducing their risk of contracting the virus.

Men and women find they are more concerned about protecting their homes and business. They are now changing their behavior concerning things they previously took for granted. For instance, contactless delivery has become commonplace to ensure a person doesn’t interact with someone outside of this bubble. Video doorbells become of great help in preventing this contact. In addition, many people now have manually activated panic applications they use in the event they feel threatened. These applications ensure help is summoned quickly and efficiently. These home security trends will also continue throughout 2021.

Health experts recommend limiting face-to-face contact with people outside your immediate household, as that remains the best way to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Doing so remains a challenge for many, which is where health bubbles come in. However, video doorbells make life easier, as they allow for interaction without this direct contact.

Facial recognition and voice control will continue to grow in popularity because they limit a person’s contact with devices that could harbor germs. Experts believe these technology features and security trends will become a permanent fixture in our lives rather than disappearing once the pandemic is under control.

Access Control System Updates

Many individuals continue to go to work every day because they are considered essential employees. Businesses must find ways to keep these individuals safe as they go about their daily tasks, and contactless access control systems are becoming more commonplace as a result.

Countless businesses have made the move to physical access control systems that don’t require any physical contact. This is yet another of the security trends that will continue in 2021 and beyond. Gone are the days of pin pads, biometric fingerprint readers, and even door handles in many companies. These businesses are using technology to maintain control over who accesses what areas while limiting the need for a person to touch anything. This helps to control germs.

A business may use voice control to allow access or they may rely on Bluetooth technology to achieve this goal. Iris scanners and wearables serve as two additional options a business may wish to consider. However, some businesses have opted for automatic turnstiles, wearables, and wave-to-open door sensors. With several options available today, every business can select which items best meet their needs when it comes to access control.

While this technology focuses on the workplace, it affects an employee’s home life also. People can go to work with confidence, knowing their employer is working to reduce their risk of contracting the virus. This means the employee won’t go home and infect loved ones unintentionally.

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Video Security

Business owners want to protect their employees, as they are the company’s most valuable assets. Many companies are using CCTV to keep workers safe, as they believe these systems can be of help with contract tracing and enforcing social distancing measures. Countless companies already use video surveillance to keep the business safe. They are simply finding new uses for it thanks to the global pandemic.

The systems become of great help in ensuring the business doesn’t go over the allowed number of occupants in their building at any given time as well. Security cameras today are extremely intelligent. Analytics and artificial intelligence allow the cameras to quickly detect the presence of humans with great accuracy. If someone is diagnosed with the virus, anyone who has had contact with them can be notified. This reduces the risk of a person spreading the virus to their loved ones at home if they came into contact with an infected person.

People continue to find new ways to adapt to our changing world. The global pandemic ushered in a wave of innovations, as people worked together to keep everyone safe during a challenging time. These changes appear to be here to stay, as they are of great benefit. It will be interesting to see what 2021 brings.

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