Secure Parcel Delivery: When You’re Not At Home

You can be away from home for various reasons. Either you are at work, on holiday, or running errands in another town. All these can sometimes coincide with a planned parcel delivery to your home. It could expose parcels to theft if you haven’t planned for secure parcel delivery.

Working with a reputed company such as Vivint price will ensure your parcels arrive safely. However, ensuring the package remains safe until you get home will require extra effort. This article will discuss how you can enjoy secure parcel delivery whenever you are not at home.

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Get Lockboxes for Your Home

An outdoor security box is essential for every home today. It is one of the hassle-free ways to ensure secure parcel delivery. Delivery companies have trained their staff to use different kinds of secure parcel boxes to keep packages safe.

All you should do is find the best secure parcel dropbox for your home. Install it at the front so that the delivery agent sees it straight away. Then, do not forget to leave it open for them. If you use codes to lock and unlock the secure box, attach the lock code in the delivery instructions.

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Install a Security Camera or Video Doorbell

Another way to increase your parcel delivery safety is by installing cameras in your home. You can go for a front door camera or a doorbell video camera that’s more hidden. It is possible to reduce theft by up to 300% if you install either of these security cameras.

But then, security cameras alone won’t guarantee you safety. You have to combine them with solutions like a lockable parcel box for better protection. This will ensure that your parcels remain safe even if thieves come masked and try to reach for the contents of your home parcel box.

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Regularly Evaluate Your Home’s Security

Investing in your home’s security is not enough. You need to evaluate the systems that you have put in place regularly. For instance, you may not realize that your lockable delivery box has stopped locking if you don’t check it regularly. That could be risky if a parcel delivery arrives when you’re away.

Thus, you should regularly monitor your parcel dropbox. Ensure that the locks are working as expected. Then, also check your security cameras to ensure that they are working too. Once you verify these, you can be confident that your parcel can remain safe until you get home.

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Come Up With Alternate Destination

If you aren’t sure about your parcels’ security, you can pick another delivery destination. This is vital, especially if you do not have a lockable parcel box. You can ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to receive it on your behalf. That will ensure it remains safe till you get back home.

The person you entrust the parcel to needs not to be at home. You can use their address if they have an outdoor security box. The good news is that most delivery companies will allow you to change the destination even if your parcel is already on its course. The aim is to ensure it is safe.

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Postpone Your Parcel Delivery

What if you don’t have an alternate destination? Well, the safest step to take is to postpone the delivery. Your parcel doesn’t have to arrive when you’re away and not sure of your security. The best way to keep it safe is to contact the agent or company and change the delivery dates.

Most companies don’t have issues with customers stalling delivery for security reasons. You can postpone it by days or weeks until the time that you’ll be at home. There also is no harm in paying for storage if the contents of your package are valuable.

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Add Delivery Instructions

Another way to increase your parcel delivery safety is by adding delivery instructions. Most companies allow their customers to add delivery notes while ordering items. You can tell the delivery agent where to place the parcel if you don’t have a lockable delivery box outside your home.

You shouldn’t, therefore, forget to check for the add delivery instructions option before checking out. Parcel delivery companies prioritize the security of every package. Thus, they first check if you have attached a delivery note. That will ensure that your parcel gets delivered safely. 

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Require a Signature for Parcel Delivery

You can also consider including a signature requirement for every parcel delivery. Or, you should consider a delivery company that offers this option. Many companies are using it to ensure that the packages arrive at home safely. It means your package won’t get delivered if you’re away.

It is also one of the best alternatives for those with no lockable parcel boxes in their homes. The delivery person has to meet you in person to ensure that you sign to indicate that you have received the parcel. They return it to the company if they do not find you in person.

However, some companies also allow customers to assign someone to sign on their behalf. This is a perfect solution for you if you aren’t home to sign. You can give the delivery agent details of the person you have asked to sign on your behalf. That will ensure that you don’t miss the delivery.

Parcel delivery made to a house with noone home.

Final Thoughts on Secure Parcel Delivery

Package theft is an increasingly growing concern in the eCommerce world. Companies are working on ensuring that every package arrives at its destination in perfect condition. But then, you also have a security role to play to ensure parcel security as a homeowner.

The tips discussed here will help you ensure for a secure parcel delivery. However, the most vital step on this list is installing a lockable parcel box in your home. With a secure box, you need to send locking instructions to the delivery agent. You will then need to keep the unlocking pin secret.

Whatever option you consider, ensure that your parcel remains safe at all times. A solution like installing a parcel box in your home doesn’t have to be expensive. You can research and find a parcel box that will fit your needs, preferences, and budget.

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