How to Save on Your Electric Bill: 5 Clever Tips

Are you ready to save on your electric bill?

Did you know that with some little tweaks here and there, you can reduce your $1,400 per annum electricity bill drastically and save the difference? Oh, you didn’t?

Or are you aware, but you gave up because you don’t know the necessary adjustments to make?

Gadgets and appliances like your TV, laptops and computers, microwave, fridge, and air-conditioner are common power guzzlers. They consume much of your power and increase your electricity bill. 

If you are tired of seeing those high electricity bills and wish to turn the tides, here are some electric saving tips that might help.

electric bill

1. Inspect seals on windows, doors and appliances

The seals on appliances like your fridge and freezers are designed to keep the cold air in. If these seals become worn or faulty, your fridge or freezer will lose cold air, even when their doors are shut.

This raises the workload on your compressor, thus decreasing the lifespan of your fridge or freezer and spiking the electricity bill.

If you observe that the seal of your refrigerator is worn or broken, don’t hesitate to get it fixed. The same applies to your doors and windows.

2. Use fan

Do you live in Las Vegas, Miami, Houston, or one of those hot areas in the U.S.? If so, we advise that you always turn on your ceiling fans before touching your thermostat. 

Using a ceiling fan can make your room feel 10 degrees cooler. Also, a fan uses just 10% of the energy that a central air conditioner does.

Ceiling fan

3. Keep your oven door shut

When roasting or heating a meal, you may feel the need to open the oven door to check on its progress. While doing so isn’t bad, you may end up raising the internal temperature of your kitchen by 25 degrees.

As a result, your oven has to use more electricity to raise the temperature back up. To save electricity, look through the window and count on your oven’s light instead of opening the door. 

4. Fix or replace faulty roof

A damaged window or door can raise your energy bill. What about a faulty roof? Of course it can, too. Your roof acts as an insulator. It prevents the Indiana heat and cold from sneaking into your home.

When your roof gets damaged, you may have to deal with air leakage and an influx of hot or cold air.

In addition to air leakage, a damaged roof can also put greater strain on your heating and cooling systems, resulting in higher energy bills. If you have a damaged roof, consider repairing it. 

What if it is damaged beyond repair? In that case, consider replacing it with one of those durable residential roofs in Indiana to reduce the strain on your heating and cooling system and lessen your energy bill.

Electric bill

5. Tweak your fridge and freezer temperature

You don’t have to raise the thermostat of your fridge or freezer to an insane level to keep your food fresh. Doing so may raise your electricity bill as your fridge and freezer will have to work very hard to maintain the temperature. 

Rather than raise the temperature of your fridge to a high level, keep it at 38 degrees. For your freezer, 0-5 degrees is ideal.

Final Thoughts on How to Save on your Electric Bill

Little adjustments like switching off lights and other appliances when not in use, reducing your thermostat, etc., can lessen your energy bill by as much as 25%. Also, make it a habit to purchase energy-efficient appliances. They help in reducing your energy bill and preventing greenhouse emissions. 

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