4 Safety Tips When Moving Into A New Home

Have you just moved into a new home? If so, then you need to be aware of safety precautions to take in your new property. Here are four safety tips when moving into a new home you should be aware of.  

CCTV & Alarms

If you are worried about the safety of your home and your family within it then you should consider installing CCTV and alarms. You can install this yourself by using products available online or you can call in the help of professionals.

They will know where to install the alarms and will have all the correct equipment to do so. The benefit of using a professional security company is that they will monitor your alarms and cameras and let you know if anything suspicious flags up.

house alarm

Change The Locks

When you move into a new home it is a good safety tip is to change the locks. You don’t want random people walking into your home because they kept a set of keys from the time they lived there. This is really easy to do, all you need is to buy a lockset online and do it yourself.

The alternative is to call in a locksmith to do this for you. It only takes a few minutes but it gives you complete peace of mind that your home is safe from strangers. 

changing the locks

Windows & Doors 

Next, we should mention safety tips when moving about your windows and doors. Let’s start with the windows. You need to make sure they are safe and come with catches and keys when the other people move out. If there are no safety catches on the windows that means they can open all the way. Not great if your children wander around exploring their surroundings. 

Windows in your home should also be strong enough to withstand strong forces. An example of this is if you live in a state with a high hurricane rate.

If you have standard windows the force of rain, wind, and flying debris can shatter them into thousands of pieces. If you invest in hurricane windows then there is more chance of them withstanding that force. You can also get hurricane windows shutters which protect the glass even more. 

A few quick safety tips when moving about the doors on your home. They should also be safe and secure so nobody can get in and little wanderers can’t get out without an adult. It is a good idea to use latches on the door as well as lock them. This gives an extra layer of protection.

Door with a deadbolt

Pool Safety Tips When Moving

If your new home has a pool and you have children or pets then you need to place a barrier between the two. You don’t want your worst nightmare of your child falling into the pool to happen.

You can place a gated fence around the entire pool, ensuring that the children can’t open the gate. A good idea is to have it coded so they can’t open it even if they try. The only way they can get in is with an adult present. 

Key dangling from a finger

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found some useful safety tips when moving into a new home so you can keep your family and your home safe. 

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