10 Simple RV Renovation Ideas

Traveling in an RV can be a lot of fun, but the interior and exterior design sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Many RVs are outdated and in desperate need of a modern makeover to match the times. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of simple RV renovation ideas out there to make your space feel personalized and comfortable all at once. From a simple cosmetic makeover to a complete gutting job inside, the remodeling possibilities of an RV are endless! Be sure to research an rv repair service near me if you would rather have a professional do the work for you.

Let’s dive right in.

Remodeled RV interior

1. Decorate

Purchasing new bedding, adding a colorful rug, or even adding new throw pillows could do wonders at sprucing up an RV!

Not only will it refresh the appearance of your space but it will also add a personal touch. You can also bring along staples from your brick-and-mortar home to travel with you.

Remember: a little bit of decoration goes a long way! You can check out this guide to renovating a RV for more ideas.

2. Do Some Painting

Opting for white paint will make the small space look and feel bigger but you may want to choose a brighter color to match your personality. Make sure to sand and prime surfaces before you begin painting!

Whether you’re planning to focus on the walls or cabinets (or both!), painting an RV is no small feat! 

Painting rv interior

3. Add A Backsplash

Backsplashes are fun, user-friendly, easy to install, and look great just about anywhere! They’re also great for adding a personal touch to the interior of an RV while also protecting walls against cooking marks and stains.

Ceramic backsplashes aren’t recommended for an RV but there are plenty of amazing peel-and-stick designs for you to choose from!

4. Replace Furniture

Replacing existing furniture is a simple way to completely personalize an RV. Feel free to replace couches with futons to save some space, or even add in a different dining table to change up the space. You could even swap out dinette bench cushions.  

You have full scope to replace furniture so our best advice would be to trust your instincts!

new furniture in rv

5. Replace The Flooring 

Opting for a wooden floor could completely modernize the interior. However, this is no easy job as tearing up carpet can be quite time-consuming. Plus, real hardwood floors are too heavy for an RV. In these circumstances, choosing a peel-and-stick laminate flooring may be your best bet! Make sure to do your research.

6. Change Small Details

Changing the small details could make a whole world of difference! If you want to completely change the atmosphere of an RV, you should try changing light fixtures, cabinet pulls, faucets, or even curtains. RV water tanks ensure a steady supply of water during road trips.

You may not think it but these small changes could change everything. Customizing these features will make the RV feel more like home!

RV Kitchen

7. Add An Accent Wall

RV walls can be pretty boring. To liven things up a bit, you may even want to create an accent wall! These can be fun conversation starters and don’t take up valuable space, either. Feel free to paint a fun design on one wall, add a mirror, cover it with wooden planks, or even decorate it with maps or your favorite photos.

8. Install Storage Shelves 

Adding some extra storage shelves could be a great way to modernize or inject some new style into a room. You can store just about anything on these shelves from personal knick-knacks to your favorite books – really, whatever you think does well to represent you as a person.

shelves in rv

9. Clean Or Replace Awning

An exterior RV awning tends to wear out quite quickly. If your awning is damaged, it may be time to replace it with a new one. But if it’s in good condition and is simply in desperate need of thorough cleaning, this isn’t too difficult of a job to do, either! You might even want to add some LED lights to your awning for something extra.

10. Replace The Windows

RV windows may not offer as much privacy as you want for your space. A simple solution would be to either replace the windows or add a peel and stick adhesive layer! This will enhance daytime privacy without obscuring the natural light or view. Choosing this type of renovation project could really let the sunshine into your RV!

Replacing rv windows


The ideas mentioned in this article show that renovating your RV doesn’t need to be difficult! There are so many small changes you could make to the space to feel more at home and make it your own. 

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