Can You Live The Rural Life With Teens?

We all dream of rural life at some stage. What could beat waking up to the sight of rolling hills? Ahh, country life and it’s lures. Wouldn’t everything be better if you had unlimited access to land and fresh air?

Sadly, rural options are rarely all blue skies. Most of us keep this pipe dream at that. Let’s be honest; rural life like this can be tricky to manage. You have to compromise by stepping away from convenience. And, while that’s well and good for some, others can’t embrace that lifestyle half as easily.

For those of us with teenagers in our midst, this is truer than ever. Rural life just doesn’t suit teenage life, and it wouldn’t be fair to ask that of your child. Or would it? It’s possible that done right, rural life could be more of a possibility then you thought. And, we’re going to look at how.

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Can You Live The Rural Life With Teens? 

Not all rural areas are out of the way

Location is always essential when it comes to moving. And, the same can be said in your rural search. In an ideal world, you’re probably thinking cabin in the woods style isolation. And, that would be wonderful. But, it’s possible that stepping away from that a little could be the best thing. Some rural areas aren’t that far from city life. Even driving a few miles out of the busiest town could see you in beautiful countryside. For proof, take some time to browse properties here and do some research of your own. You’ll soon find that stunning scenery doesn’t have to come at the cost of convenient living. In many instances, just a twenty-minute drive will take you back to the bustle of city life.

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Consider public transport

In most cases, your teen will likely be unable to drive. As such, it’s crucial you take time to consider the public transport in the areas you’re considering. Look at everything, from bus timetables, to train stations. If a rural area has decent public transportation, then you can do away with the stranded feeling you may fear. Your teen will be able to make their way into the local town with no worry. And, that’s sure to keep everyone happy. More rural towns than you may think come complete with public transportation. It’s just a case of looking out for this.


Be willing to drive

If public transport is unreliable, or non-existent, this can still be an option if you’re willing to drive your teen. It may seem inconvenient, but you opted to live this way. And, doing this can make sure your teen is happy with it. This doesn’t mean driving them hours each day. But, dropping them off and picking them up from school or work could make this rural life more suitable. This is definitely a better price to pay than not being able to pursue the rural life you want. And, if you choose a location carefully, those drives should never be too far out of your way.


It isn't easy to live with teenagers but is it possible to live the rural life_ Find out the possibilities here.


With the right choices and researching your move to the rural life, even your teen can be happy with the new life you choose! Do you have teenagers in your home? Do you live the rural life? How did you make the move to rural life easier on your teens?



  1. I currently have three teens in the house and definitely feel like I spend way too much time in the car lol! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!

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